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  1. My dream for Smackdown after SummerSlam is Shinsuke Nakamura joining at the top of the card, and having all his matches called by Mauro. Mauro is so so talented, and is making Smackdown a show I really want to watch again.

    Having Otunga replace Lawler is wonderful. I would rather see Corey Graves take that spot though. Corey, Saxton, and Mauro.

    Then make Smackdown the show with the fresh new talent (I assume that's the direction anyway), and BOOM.

    Nakamura to the top of the card.... I can't wait. I'm so excited to see my first Japanese WWE Champion.

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  2. Oh hell :yes:
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  3. This time last year, I wouldn't ever have dreamed of Nakamura being with the company let alone leading one of their flagship programs with eyes on the WWE Championship.

    Now I know that it's entirely plausible. Two things I want in 2016

    1) Nakamura to Smackdown
    2) Women main eventing a PPV.
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  4. Lawler ain't going anywhere. He has been reinstated and plus he has a lifetime job in the 'E, I think.

    Speaking of Naka, hopefully they put a rocket up in his ass and push him to the moon. He is pure gold.
  5. I doubt Shinsuke will be booked at the top of the card.. He better be mega over like Daniel Bryan to get by only on his wrestling ability, because without an intriguing character and good mic skills.. He won't make it very far.

    Remember, Vince is controlling RAW and Smackdown. He looks for more than just wrestling skills.
  6. I don't know if he's gonna be at the very top for long (if he does get there in the first place) because. well - :psycho:

    Would be cool if he did though.
  7. Nakamura a top guy on Smackdown? With Vince still in full creative control? And Kevin Dunn still at his side? I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt and say Nakamara will be huge on the main roster regardless of what brand he's on. I mean you couldn't possibly fuck up the King of Strong Style...right?
  8. I guess you guys have missed the boat on WWE's headway into China and Japan. They need a TOP Japanese star. They're building their first Chinese star. You don't need to be a business major to see the writing on the wall.

    Furthermore, Nakamura is charisma personified. Why do I even need to explain that, you guys should be the converted! lol :emoji_slight_smile: He's getting over on just being him. The guy is insanely unique, they have big plans for him, hence them rolling out the red carpet with his BALLER contract they are strongly rumored to have given him.

    It's not if, it's when. C'mon now lol
  9. We have to get past this whole "Vince will bury him" garbage and move on to fantasy booking his feud against The Club.
  10. That's kind of an outdated notion though, right?

    It feels like all the recent pushes (with one notable exception) have been strictly Indy darlings though, no?
    Outside of the "build him up to feed him to Cena" big guy crew and the madly over New Day, all the most featured guys have been the net darlings who don't have "ideal size" or "appeal to casuals", whatever that's worth. Raw's being carried by guys like Styles, Rollins, and Owens, while the new bigs are quickly getting lost in the shuffle. The Vince of a few years ago who tried to push Ezekiel Jackson has to be sick to his stomach, maybe that guy isn't around?

    I go back and forth on whether or not Zayn's main roster run has been a success, but if you think so (certainly hasn't been bad!), there's no reason to worry about Nakamura on the main roster. That's probably his floor.
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  11. That's where I'm at. It's just a matter of how far and how fast he'll go there. He's going to be a megastar. Give his entrance another big budget boost, build up his debut for WEEKS. Then let the man do what he does, he draws people in. When he makes eye contact with the hard camera before doing his epic YEAOHHHH shit at the ropes, people are going to fall in love with that. He comes through the TV and connects with the audience. You can't look away. That dude is gonna fill arenas.