Storyline Swallow your damn pride

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  1. Harriet is in the women's locker room, she plops herself down on the bench and lets out a sigh.

    Harriet: For once in your life, swallow your damn pride. Asking for help won't kill you... Victoria Parker helped and you're still in one piece.

    She stands and stares at herself in the mirror, letting out a sharp laugh.

    Harriet: And now you're reduced to talking to yourself like a crazy.

    She shakes her head, running a hand through her hair

    Harriet: You know what you have to do if you want to become the best. Bad enough you lost to two champions... But to have gold snatched away by Nick and then get beaten not only twice- but three times. Not good enough, girl.

    Harriet walks over to the mirror, hands gripping the edge of the sink.

    Harriet: Time to face the facts... Right now, you can't do this alone.
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