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  1. As the title says. Sweden faces Brazil in football tonight in a friendly and the last National match played on our old national stadium Råsunda. We will most likely get completely destroyed but it should be a good watch. Match starts at 7pm UK time.

    Sweden starts with: 1 Andreas Isaksson [K] - 7 Sebastian Larsson, 4 Andreas Granqvist, 3 Jonas Olsson, 5 Behrang Safari - 16 Pontus Wernbloom, 18 Samuel Holmén - 6 Rasmus Elm, 11 Ola Toivonen, 21 Christian Wilhelmsson - 20 Marcus Berg.

    Nice to see Hamrén let a lot of younger guys get to play from the start against a team like Brazil even if it is just a friendly, nice way to get them some nationals experience.

    As stated above I expect to be slaughtered but I also expect a entertaining match. Will definitely watch.
  2. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    I'm sure there will be a stream on the Internet, so I might watch. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Normally I watch all Brazil matches but I'll be watching England tonight.
  4. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Who are you facing tonight Crayo?
  5. RE: Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Jesus Christ, I completely forgot about the England Game :OO - and It's Italy stopspot.
  6. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Italia indeed. We're playing quite a youthful team so I'm hoping we can actually keep the ball tonight.
  7. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Looks like I'll be streaming the England game then. Lots of entertaining football tonight. Life is good.
  8. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    That means there is plenty of football to bet on, Yarp.
  9. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    England v Italy - Draw

    Brazil v Sweden - Brazil rape them

    The rest I don't care about.
  10. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    England v Italy - Draw but can go either way.
    Sweden v Brazil - Brazil will courtesy rape us. There are always those odd ball days but I don't expect Sweden to beat the arguably best team in the world. Not by a long shot.
  11. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Brazil aren't close to Spain yet imo.
  12. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Thus why I said arguably. They are on their way and it all comes down to what kind of football you prefer watching.
  13. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    I was just looking at the Fifa world rankings, How in the hell are we third?

  14. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    No it doesn't at all, it comes down to who wins and who doesn't. Spain would wipe the floor with Brazil at the moment, but Brazil on a good day is the only team who would give them a good go.

    It doesn't make sense at all.
  15. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    May as well use this as discussion.

    Dani Alves' beard is pro
  16. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    we've lasted longer than I thought without letting in a goal. Knock on wood.
  17. Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    Jesus Neymar's hair is so much win
  18. RE: Sweden vs Brazil tonight

    You'll only jinx it.. :dawg:
  19. Lucky as fuck there.
  20. Wow Neymar wasn't even offside. Lucky break, should be 1-0 Brazil.