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  1. Looks like Vince Russo's been around WWEF lately, because I've got quite the swerve for you. Not sure what I have come off as as a member around here, but I felt this was the appropriate time to confess this. I'm about to get my 1000th post, and today is also my birthday.

    Anyways, back to my swerve. As previously mentioned, it is my birthday. The truth is, I'm not 22 or however old I said I am. I'm ashley only 15, a sophomore in high school :russo:

    Deep explanation:

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    So, the whole reason I even lied about my age goes way back to an old wrestling forum I joined. I was just starting to get back into it, so I was still catching up. Whenever I would post my opinions, especially about the past, I would get bashed for reasons I don't really know. I was tired of "You didnt experience new generation" or "you didnt experience the attitude era, so your opinion is false". So, I joined here instead under this false age. My name actually has something to do with it. 16, as in October 16th. 98, as in 1998. I honestly have no idea how I was really 'accepted', i guess by the guys in this forum. I dont know, I've always been a mature person I guess. My brother has autism, and I've looked out for him my whole life, so that's helped me come off as mature. If I dont tell people my age I speak to online, they usually guess I'm in between 17-20, which I've never understood. I guess another thing that's helped go well is that I'm sort of a dick if you get to know me. Honestly, I was looking forward to posing this, but then D'Z came back, so I'm scared of being flamed :haha: I've always sort of had a love for wrestling. I've been playing WWF War Zone since age 2. My grandma and my great grandma and my dad would always show me their tapes from the 80s and 90s. We could talk for hours about wrestling. Whenever there was a PPV, we would all get together and watch it. They used to go to all the MSG shows, and I would listen to stories and be amazed. Being a wrestling fan just runs in my blood :lol1:. Lol this is stupid as fuck, but thats all. Idk, I guess this was the right time. So yeah, that's about it. If an admin sees this, could you change my age?

    I'm sure this will change the way you look at me, I just hope this doesn't change how you feel about me.:urm::sad:
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  2. Honestly I didn't think you were 22 (Because I know a lot of people who put fake ages anyway) and age normally doesn't matter to me as long as the person can carry a fluent conversation, so you're still cool to me brotha. Happy birthday.
  3. I had the same situation a few months ago mate, Gonna do what others didn't for me.

    All cool, I wont treat you any different.
  4. :yay: Good story, it doesn't change the way I look at you. You cool, you cool. Also, happy birthday!
  5. While were making confessions........................................ I'm actually Jwab.
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  6. Using a voice changer is slightly different than putting a false age on a forum profile, but sure.

    Tbh Nick, I can't say I've ever looked at your age on your profile, I've always presumed you were about 17 so it makes 0 difference to me.
  7. Actually that was a completely different thing than I was talking about and also don't start any of this shit here,
  8. Honestly, I didn't even know your age. You didn't go around telling it or trying to act a certain way. You're fine.
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  9. Oh and happy bday

  10. What were you meaning then? I don't remember anything else on here o_O

    LOL really, don't start any of this shit? Dude, what is your problem with being so hostile. I only replied to you. See this is why I despise you.
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  11. This turned out better than expected :happy:
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  12. I didn't say it was here either.

    "Despise" strong words but the feeling is mutual. Leave it at this.
  13. Was this supposed to be controversial?
  14. Despise is a weak word, but it's strong enough for the public viewing.

  15. Ye
  16. Well, time to shutdown the government.
  17. Lol don't care. Still an MP fag.

    JK. You're cool.
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  19. He's talking about MP. While before we even knew WWEF, yeah...

    BACK ON TOPIC. Um... I already posted here, this is awkward :silva: