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  1. Why don't I have any awards? :/
  2. Awards are being revamped. New images. Re-nominate yourself for them when they return.

    @[Xanth] <3
  3. This game is rigged, man...
  4. I'll do the awards tonight if I can be bothered :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Redoing them all?
  6. Probably the same sort of reasons, just different images and perhaps a couple new ones to compensate for the ones we're scrapping.
  7. Making them a little bigger as well.
  8. Ah right, no worries, thanks.

    I think I had; Uploader, Reputation, Thinker, Twitter, Contributor,
  9. You don't need to tell me just now. I'll make a thread when I've revamped them and you can tell me there.
  10. I just wrote them incase I forget. I had to search through my posts to find them :/
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