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    The announcer gets a message from his earpiece. He has a confused look on his face then he grabs the mic.

    Announcer: Introducing the IWT General Manager, The Sultan of Saltines, The Mayor of Mayonaise, The Prime Minester of Pepperoni, Jonathan!
    Jonathan doesn't come out and the titantron goes off. Then Dat Kid's titantron comes on. The crowd pops
    Kid's titantron shuts off 10 seconds in & Danielson's titantron now starts playing for a bigger pop.
    ...but then it shuts down and the crowd is now restless. The commentary table is confused and stays silent.
    Dat Kid runs out to the side of the stage and Danielson runs out to the other side for a massive pop. Danielson jumps in the crowd and crowd surfs towards the ring while Dat Kid tries to get some girl's number and runs when her boyfriend shows up. They both meet in the ring and look at each other They do the DX chop at the same time setting of pyro that was planted by the lights. The crowd is ecstatic and on their feet.

    Alright, Alright, Alright..shhhh...shhhhhh. We don't have much time until Jonafag moves away from catering to actually pay attention to what's happening on the monitors and we've got something very important to say.

    ...I'm pregnant with Danny's baby!

    Danny nods no quickly

    Oh not that? Oh yeah, now I remember. That fatass in the back wont sign Danielson and myself to the IWT. Sureeee we sorta ruined Night of Champion and set a spiral of disaster and chaos for Jonathan to solve by himself, but that doesn't mean we should be banned from the company. I mean, we've done good things. Right? Right guys?! Right?!

    I mean my reign as commissioner put the IWT in new places and Danny...

    Dat Kid thinks for a minute

    Well Danny was great in the tag division, right buddy?!

    @Danielson snatches the mic...
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  2. IWT!
    I SAID I..... W......T!

    *looks to dat kid*
    I like this crowd, the ladies were playing grab ass with me mid-surf.
    *Dat Kid makes a gesture*
    Did they fit two fingers up there? or three?
    *danielson laughs*
    Hey, I'm not jono. I don't randomly shove objects up my butt, it was only 2.
    *Crowd Chants Fists to buttholes*
    Here is what it boils down to Jono, you either give us our contracts, or we will terrorize this entire company with our antics. We just got tired of doing what you told us to do and left, but we've decided to come back and make our own rules. Listen, Boss dude. We will entertain an idea of a peaceful contract negotiation, or we can do it the hard way. The choice is yours.

    And if you're not down with that, we've always got two words for ya

    *Dat Kid*
    The shocker?
    Don't tease him

    SUCK IT!
  3. Security! Security!

    Look, I don't know what your problem is... but you aren't welcome here... SECURITY! GET OUT HERE!

    *Smirks and looks at the crowd, who look confused at what's going on*

    Please escort these... maggots... from my arena....... NOW!
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    Security?! Security?! Security?! Uh oh! He has security?!

    Dat Kid scrambles around the ring, tries to exit but gets ricocheted back in the ring.

    These ropes, I cant escape! Who designed such an impenetrable contraption...kinda reminds me of Victoria Parker's cooch, I mean couch! Damn it Danny why didn't we know about the security, I thought you knew. Did you know? I didn't know? @Trip in the Head @Nickelodeon

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  5. Announcer 1: Who could this be?
    Announcer 2: I don't know, but I don't like the looks of things.

    The music plays, but nobody comes. Security begins turning around cautiously. Nick hops the barricade, steal chair in one hand, mic in the other. He bashes one officer in the head and puts the mic to his mouth.

    "I didn't come alone. Meet my new tag team partner!"

    Nick points to the barricade nWo style. @Trip in the Head
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  6. *senhor appears on the Jonotron bound to a support beam*

    You assholes!!!! You won't get away with this!!!! Let me out of here!!!!!!
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  7. Assholes?! Senhor, we are the nicest men alive! Hell, we'll even plug your new merchandise with our limited time.

    Have you been bound to a support beam by angry ex employees of a wrestling company? Have you ever lost your Intercontinental Championship and lost all reason to live? Have you constantly disappointed your family by losing the matches that count? Well Senhor Perfect & the IWT bring to you the Senhor Citizen Life Alert system.

    Just one push of a button and a greased up Louie Anderson impersonator will be there to take your soul in the blink of an eye. Available now on
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  8. When I get my hands on your crippled ass, you're the one that'll need constant medical supervision! Damn group of quitters!
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  9. You get your hands on me? About 3 years ago you would have been best friends with Chris Hansen for saying something like that.

    You want to fight me? Do you see a cane in my hand right now Senhor? I'm not under some obligation to stay out of in ring competition right now, hell I'm not even under contract. If you want to come in to this ring and have a repeat of how I put your family out on the street after Extreme Rules then so be it.

    Dat Kid starts to take off his shirt. All the bitches in the audience get so wet that there is 6 inches of vaginal fluid on the arena floor or at least I like to imagine there would be

    You seem to be a little tied up right now, so maybe now's not the best time for me to whoop your ass
  10. It took 4 of you to tie me down, I'd have no issue taken you losers out one by one, but your dog pack mentality makes me realize I may need some backup. @Jonathan I think we may need to add some diamonds to the collection!
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    Danielson grabs a mic
    Diamonds? The best miners in the world wouldn't find use of the trash you put up against us.
  12. *Trip in the Head is seen coming through the crowd to the barricade. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail and he is wearing sunglasses. And a leather jacket with the DX logo on his back*
    Announcer 1: Is that Trip in the Head??
    Announcer 2: He looks...different......

    *Trip in the Head steps over the barricade with ease and grabs a mic from ringside*

    Trip: Now, now, gentleman. Let the man call his security. I'm in need of a good fight tonight. @Nickelodeon, why don't we let this people know who Dick Tripin is and what he is here....*Dick's head (haha) twitches slightly to the side* tooo dooo*and goes back to normal* the IWT. OHHHHHH, you didn't know?
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  13. "Yo ass betts caalll somebody!!!!"

    "It's me it's me the N.I.C.K with the big ol' D.I.C.K!"

    "Get yo asses out of your seats and start watchin because... if you ain't down with the new and improved Dick Tripin, the N to the ICK and the legends of DX back in the IWT, we got two words for ya!"

    SUCK IT!

    The crowd pops as Nick and Dick move in. Dick starts handing out rights and lefts while Nick connects with a roundhouse. Nick drops one with a piledriver while Dick puts the final one in position for his finisher.

    "Nowhere for you to go now Jonnyboy. Well nowhere but the ring!"

    The crowd pops as Nick and Dick block every escape route for Jonathan, leading him to the ring to face off with Dat Kid
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  14. *gav the chav is watching backstage*

    (gav the chav) oh shit! What a bunch of bellends this lot are go fuck him up @Jonathan
  15. *Duggan backstage watching*
    Duggan: Wow, a new revolution and some expert marketing! Genius! What else is this company gonna pull off?
  16. With Nick & Trip blocking the ramp, Dat Kid opens the ring ropes and motions @Jonathan to step inside the ring.

    Come on in Jonathan, why don't you stay awhile
  17. I'd love to stay, but sadly I don't have the time to sit and talk to a bunch of low-life, degenerate scum-bags like you and your uh, bum-chum, Danielson, along with the rest of your gang. Or is that gang-bang?
  18. OOC: you can tell the shit was going down when THE "very rare DX" theme hit.
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  19. In character

    Can you tell this was happening? *throws aids off building*
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  20. Oh, good luck driving out of the arena tonight


    *Car is set on fire, and explodes*