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  1. Cheer up Mike.. CUZ:

  2. Can you show the files that were "threats"?
  3. malwarebytes is the shit
  4. Lol stop downloading all that porn bro.

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  5. its probably cain lol, when its done I can :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Stop going on HF Mike.
  7. if you have comcast you get norton free. It alerts you when you are about to DL bad files
  8. i dont go on there lol
  9. Fight me.
  10. Show Spoiler

    I don't remember deleting my history


    Nah I don't use anti-virus haha


    i will fight you babe
  11. for future times download avast its free and the best and it works
  12. i dont like anti virus!
  13. no be sad :((
  14. i is happy i got girls cheezin everywhere
  15. lmfao <3
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