Storyline Taco Bell Buffalo special

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  1. Farooq's Taco mobile is parked outside the "arena" of EBW. Farooq is shown inside the ring, beating the whole roster with ease. "Is this the best you guys can do?! Not surprising! None of you have ever had the powerful taste of Taco Bell! Get in here!" Farooq says, as Taco Bell workers began assaulting everybody. Another wave of Taco Bell workers make their way into the ring, shoving burritos(bean burritos because they're cheap) and crunchy tacos. Frankie V. comes at Farooq, but he takes out a Taco Salad and breaks it against his face. He then orders the Taco Bell workers to bring him the EBW World title.

    Farooq holds the title up, but then another wrestler comes out. "It's the anti-Christ!" They all yell, the wrestler holds up the Money in the Lunch Box. Farooq ties a green bandanna on his head and puts on some woodland camo. "Let. Him. Pass." Farooq says as the Anti-Christ makes his way to the ring. Farooq then kicks him int the balls and grabs him by the throat. "Welcome to Taco may I help you?" He says before lifting him up, and chokeslamming him onto a grande meal(ten crunchy tacos). Farooq takes the world title and smashes it with a hammer. The Taco Bell workers then began putting the title in a odd fashion.

    Farooq holds up the title, the Taco Bell workers bowing down as Farooq faces the camera. "The IWT Hardcore title has been reborn! Of course, what good is a title without a defense? Frank The Jock, our match will be for the reestablished Hardcore championship, and if you lose...then..." Farooq says as he takes the Money in the Lunch Box, and soaks it in gasoline. He then sets it on fire and puts it out ten minutes later. He then takes the ashes, and mixes it with water to make the Taco Bell Red Sauce. "This is what's going to happen to your career." Farooq says as him and the other Taco Bell workers jump into the Taco mobile and drive to the IWT arena.
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  3. OOC: I'm so glad that another title has been resurrected. I was actually gonna pitch it somewhere down the line to Creative in a PM lol