Storyline Taco Bell Episode VI: A New Hope

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  1. "Fire the main cannon!!" One of the Taco Bell shift leaders yell as a burrito gets sent to McDonalds across the street, splattering on one of their cars and causes it to stop. The camera zooms out, and there is a mess between Taco Bell and McDonalds near IWT arena. There are cars parked in each parking lot of their own stores, and bunkers in the street. "Did they surrender yet?!" Farooq asks as he's in his office. "Not yet sir, in retaliation to our efforts, they might send...." The shift leader says as he gets close to Farooq. "Angus beef." "DAMN IT!! We have to act fast!" Farooq says as he walks out of the office, and goes into the break room. He grabs a taco gun, and his tranquilizer pistol. Farooq then goes into one of the armored Taco mobiles. "I'll get ya there safe boss!" The driver says as Farooq jumps into the back.

    The Taco mobile begins to drive towards McDonalds, soon McDonald workers shooting cheeseburgers at the vehicle. "Don't worry, this baby can take the heat!" The driver said, as suddenly the McDonald workers fire a Big Mac. The Big Mac causes the vehicle to fly, tipping over and crashing through multiple McDonald cars. The driver is knocked out, and Farooq is starting to bleed on his head. He takes the driver out, and hides them under nearby cars. The McDonald workers investigate the scene, looking for Farooq and the driver.

    OOC: To be continued...
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  2. OOC: I'm honestly on the Farooq Taco Bell Bandwagon. Keep this up, Fooq.
  3. i was always on the Farooq Taco Bell Bandwagon watch...
    *Reagan notices the mess and pulls out a Taco Bell Gun and starts to run towards the MacDonalds Crew but 1 of them shoots a Chicken Nugget at Reagan and it hits him in the face and Reagan falls down and is knocked out*
  4. Farooq sets the driver down by the gate of Big Booty Nigga club next to McDonalds. He hands the driver a Taco Salad and gives him the Taco gun. "If I don't make it in 15 minutes, than leave without me...the people at the club next door..uhh....well....I mean...they have nice asses." He says as him and the driver fist bump. Farooq takes out his tranq. pistol and begins to sneak towards the back. He knocks on the back door and waits. "What's the password?" The guy behind the door asks. "Shit..." Farooq thinks to himself. "...Farooq is a bitch?" Farooq says as the McDonalds worker opens the door. "Next it cool." The worker says as he pulls down his shirt. "You're....a tranny?" Farooq says. "NO! I'm a spy." He says as he sighs, "Hurry up, Ronald is almost here." The spy says as he lets Farooq in.

    Farooq tiptoes towards the back, seeing three McDonald workers cooking. "Yeah, lets spit in this food! Because we're evil and stuff!" One says. "Yeah! We're not Taco Bell, fuck the customer!" Another says. "MCDONALDS FOR LIFE! FUCK BLACK PEOPLE!" The third one says as the other two workers glare at him. "We are black..." They say as the third worker stammers. "Well...uh...I mean....yeah.....I meant MCDOANLDS POWER!" He yells nervously. Farooq sneaks up on them, and slams a Cheezy Gordita Crunch one the first workers face, the cheezy goodness making him go blind as he screams in circles, before Farooq takes him and slams him to the second worker. "I'M WARNING YOU!" The third guy says as he holds out a job application and child support receipt. "Bitch please, I have money." Farooq says as he kicks the guy in the balls, then shoots him in the neck with his tranq. pistol. He reaches in the third worker's pocket, and takes a special key. He sneaks towards the office, and opens the door. Inside, the Taco Bell Chihuahua is tied down to a chair, but barks happily when Farooq enters. "Don't worry buddy, I'm here to get you out." He says, suddenly a loud thud is heard. Farooq turns around, and the spy is on the ground, and Ronald McDonald is facing Farooq.

    "The Great Farooq of Taco're a legend in the eyes of the Fast Food Battlefield." He says as he cracks his knuckles, before removing his shirt and showing his clear cut six pack body. "You're not welcome here... get out, before I take you out." He says. "I'm not going anywhere punk. I'm going to take you down, you spermed face clown." Farooq says as he puts the gun away, and gets into his fighting stance.

    OOC: To be continued...
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  5. Ronald charges towards Farooq, and Farooq runs his knee into the stomach of Ronald, but Ronald elbows Farooq on the back of his head, sending him down to the ground. Farooq quickly gets back up, and uppercuts Ronald on the face. Ronald begins to bleed on his lip as he grabs Farooq and throws him to the wall. Farooq falls to the floor, panting hard as sweat pours down his face. He tackles Ronald to the door, glass shattering and falling onto the ground below them. Ronald takes his stance, and holds down Farooq and knees him in the stomach multiple times. Farooq begins to cough up blood as Ronald continues to knee him. Ronald then grabs Farooq, and hits him with the powerbomb onto the glass. Farooq's back begins to get covered with blood as he grunts.

    Ronald lifts up Farooq and punches him in the face, Farooq falling back and sitting against the wall. "You're weak. Tacos have made you feeble, you were much better without all this taco shit." Ronald says with a laugh. "You were a great warrior, and now, you're nothing." Ronald says as he spits on Farooq. He goes over to the controls in the room and presses a button. The screen shows every Taco Bell in the world, getting blown up, but no one inside to get killed. "It's over!" Ronald said with a laugh as Farooq stands up. Farooq spears Ronald onto the controls, engaging the self destruct sequence. "Ten minutes until massive self destruction...." A voice says as Farooq frees the Chihuahua and grabs her. He takes off out of the building, everyone leaving as well. "Get in!" The Taco Bell driver said as he's in a SUV. Farooq, the spy and dog get in, and just in time everybody leaves the area as the McDonalds explodes. Farooq sighs and sits back. "The mission is a failure...." Farooq says as suddenly, a clown car rams them. The SUV and clown car stops. Farooq, having bandages around him leaves the SUV and Ronald steps out of the clown car.

    Rain and lightning starts to pour as the two meet eyes. "Get out of here...this is the last fight." Farooq said as him and Ronald get into fighting positions, the SUV taking off, away form the scene.

    "One last fight..." Farooq says as he gets closer, the two punching each other, as fists collide.

    OOC: To be continued...
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  6. Taco Bell alumni fully supports this
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  7. Help me farooq, you're my only hope
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  8. Farooq spins and kicks Ronald in the face, sending the clown flying back. Ronald jumps up, only to meet Farooq's knee to his face. Farooq then picks up Ronald and begins to elbow him in the face. Ronald blocks one of the elbows and headbutts Farooq on the face. Farooq falls back, and Ronald runs his foot against Farooq's face as Farooq falls flat on the ground now. Ronald picks Farooq up by his afro and laughs at him. "See! You're weak....and soon....out numbered!" He says as he whistles and out comes another car. The Burger King and Carl's Jr. star comes out. "That' think..." Farooq says with a grin as suddenly a purple tank comes towards.

    Tank Sweetness form PWGP, four of his hoes and Plasma Snake from ICW and Fed X are on the tank. Snake jumps off and tackles the King to the ground, stomping on his chest and getting him in the armbar, part of his finisher of the CQC. Tank hits the Carl's Jr. star with his cane and gets him with the DDT. The hoes block everyone else out as it's just Ronald and Farooq again. "Damn it....I'm going to finish you!" Ronald yells as he goes for a punch, but Farooq grabs his arm and throws him to the ground. Farooq then gets Ronald in the Sharshooter. "AHHH!!!" He screams as he passes out minutes later. Carl's Jr. and the Burger King are knocked out too. "Good to have you guys." Farooq said with a chuckle as he sat on the purple tank. "Uhh, come on now baby! Lets head back to the crib and par-tah!" Tank says as all the hoes cheer and get on the tank. Snake helps Farooq up on the tank and chuckles. "Kept you waiting, huh?" He says. The group ride off into the sunset, with no more worries. All of them, preparing to get ready for their next matches in each of their feds.

    The End.

    Credit song:

    Farooq as Farooq
    Tank Sweetness as Tank Sweetness
    Plasma Snake as Plasma Snake
    Robert De Niro as Driver
    Will Smith as Spy
    Sandrick Bullock as Taco Bell Chihuahua
    The Great Khali as Ronald
    Jwab as The Burger King
    Dat Kid's penis as Carl's Jr. Star
    Brit's cats as the hoes
    Nero_x3 roommates as Taco Bell and McDonald employee workers

    Directed by Micheal Way
    Written by Vince Russo
    Produced by Niggas
    Sponsored by Niggas
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  9. *Slow claps start to become louder claps as fans behind me all stand up and appauled the show. "BRAVO!"
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  10. i think you forgot someone......
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  11. You jumped into the scene without papers :angry:
  12. i made PAPERS!
    *throws blank pieces of paper at Big Boss*
  13. Damn, Pissing off the director and shit!