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  1. Farooq is shown putting on facepaint behind the Taco mobile. The facepaint is the Taco Bell logo, as he finishes his last cigar and quietly leaves the vehicle. He is near a mansion, guarded by security. He has a tranquilizer pistol as he sneaks towards the place. He shoots two guards, knocking them out cold. He then proceeds to climb a tree, and hops onto the next side of the fence. He hides in a bush as one of the guards approaches. "Hey! I think--" "I'M A TREE!!!" "Oh well okay then." The guard says, with Farooq interrupting him before responding and walking away. Farooq then moves towards one of the bedroom windows, and climbs inside. He goes inside, and hears something strange in the living room. "Are you gonna steal lemons?" "Yes." "Bad lemon whore, here take this!" Then Farooq hears moaning as he cringes and heads for the stairs.

    Farooq quietly opens the door and gasps. "ITS A ME! MARIO!" Mario says before jumping out of the window. Farooq blinks and shuts the door slowly. Farooq tiptoes to another door, and opens it. "Gotcha...." He says, it's a big room with Spanish posters all over the place. On the desk, is none other than Nanorah. He's seen writing a promo for FTJ. Farooq grabs Nano and puts the pistol to his neck. "Aye yi yi! Put me down!!!" He yells. "Listen here punk, you're going to stay out of our match, NO HELPING! Or I'm going to do this!" Farooq says as he tosses a tablet out, it shows one of the Taco Bell workers outside of Jeff Hardy's house with a rocket launcher. "NO NO! NOT SWEET HARDY!" He says crying. "SHADDUP! NO MORE!!" He says as he releases Nanorah, and takes the promo and rips it up. He then leaves by jumping out the window, and jumping the fence before seeing security chasing after him. "Shit! Start the engine!" He yells as the Taco mobile starts up. He runs fast, by Nano was smart and hired black security guards, so they almost caught up to Farooq. He jumps in the back, the guards just mere inches from grabbing Farooq as the Taco mobile takes off. Farooq shuts the back door and sighs heavily. "Did you do it?" The Taco Bell worker asked. "Yeah, FTJ won't have any help this time." Farooq says as he takes a xtra-large cup of Mountain Dew Baja Blast and drinks it in relief.
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  2. OOC - God damn, this is gold.
  3. OCC: not to put it down but can we have promo not with the whole taco thing? And just get more into the Hell in the Cell at IWT WM? I mean I the heel here and ur face of this match.
  4. OOC - He's trying to tie up loose ends
  5. OCC: Of what I don't have a sister my mom and dad of divioard!? My Brother older then me.
  6. OCC: It a hell in the cell match in a video promo fall how can he help me I make my own videos!?
  7. OOC- Sorry to hear that your parents are divioard.
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  8. i really hope my parents don't get divioard!
  9. He's trying to write you a script. Trying to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
  10. OCC: that been since baby.
  11. occ: no on video promo he does. Ownly on writing promo video promo is easy for me.
  12. Who is writing promos for who?
  13. OOC - I think it should be a video promo match, Fooq vs. Gohan with a cage background.
  14. @Delik were doing a video promo. and no has help me in video promo i do my own video for a living.
  15. hey don't call him baby! you only call me baby!