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  1. If by some odd reason I get hit by a car, I get amnesia, forget how to shoot a promo, lose to Aids, and then regain my memory the next day I would like to go for the tag team titles. The only problem is that as awesome as I am, I'm only one person. I'll need a tag partner to kind of just stand in the corner while I do all the work. Any takers?
  2. ermm guess you need to promo that shit for us new guys, and let us hit you back, if it's good i am up for it
  3. :boss1: I hope your search goes better than our match will.
  4. I will do nothing of the sort, my reputation preceeds me
  5. I know nothing of this so called rep, you are already gonna be looking for a new partner when you lose to Aids, i can be that man, i can revitalise your spirit, i can help you be a new age Jake the Snake, i can be the Sandow to your Rhodes (and e's in
    preceed, you're welcome)

    All i can offer is my honest skills i will follow your lead and of course steal the pin, hey but as long as we win it's all good, i am the best and worst tag team partner you can find, but mainly i will have your back if you need me to

    If you wanna hear a one sided tag team promo i can do it, just let me know
  6. "When" I lose to Aids? You mean if. Quite honestly I'll take anyone who wants it, but as well spoken as you are right now I can already know you can shoot a promo.

    If I lose you're the top contender to be my tag partner as of right now
  7. No he means When, not if :rock:
  8. Are you stabbing me in the back? :nogusta:
  9. I'm ready to kick tag ass with you. Tickle me when you need me.

  10. Aids and DKFJ team up.
  11. You have a match
  12. why. I'll tag with Rain if i choose to join that division, Outsiders all day.
  13. Wow that's going to be tough teaming with a part-timer. Then again that basically what nWo is, a bunch of part timers :pipebomb:
  14. Rain is a part timer? He is like the undertaker, we bring him around for the big win. This ppv we take a few titles.

    Really i'd consider tagging with you, but who would we face? No one would have a chance.
  15. Spoiler alert: None of you are worthy of a title shot.
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  16. I wouldn't team with you. You would hold me back just like you always have

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    kayfabing by the way
  17. :pity: :pity2: :pity1:

  18. Up to you, pick who you want but if I don't win my championship match I can be your partner
  19. Well i guess we need to see when/if Dat kid beats aids, and with so many people wanting t o be his partner if he loses, maybe we sould have a promo off to see who deserves it, duno up to you guys depending on the match result
  20. @"Dat Kid From Jersey" remember how you said you owed me one for upgrading you to Legend? Well how about helping me win the Tag titles from that old hag @Danielson and the Macho Taco man @"Senhor Perfect"? If Hoss doesn't except my challenge, then I think we should step up to the base and hit a homer against the Taco Dragons.. and if you aren't down with that, then I got two words for ya!!