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  1. Eduardo emerges from the curtain, wearing a black buttoned shirt with the left arm ripped off and the right arm ripped off at the elbow joint, on his right wrist he flaunts a spiked bracelet, quite tight to the wrist to give him some feeling of asphyxiation to his hand, he is wearing a rusty chain as a belt, with a padlock as the belt buckle that holds up his black jeans that fall over his black boots. He stands there holding a cigarette and takes a long slow drag and walks down to the ring as he puffs the smoke out with a hard exhale, the blue skylight follows him to the ring, he walks up and into the ring, as he finishes his cigarette and drops the bud, stomping on it and grinds his foot to put it out. He then signals for a microphone and is handed one by a ring assistant, snatching it viciously, as he grinds his wrist as his music dies down. Upon ending, he stands in the ring receiving a little to no reaction from the crowd

    "Recently we had a major PPV event, titans collided and titans fell, but the one question no one asked is 'where was I', I watched part of that PPV, and it was unbearable, even though I was COKED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND, the buzz didn't match the bland matches that I watched. I missed out on 1 match, a shift in the riff, The Order claimed new tag team gold."

    Eduardo chuckles heavily as he gleams at the camera

    "Here is something for the smarks to jerk off to, The Order approached me, The Dark Prince of Pain to join their little alliance. I have never made a bad decision and the best option for me right now is to accept their little offer, they need me to bring back more gold to their division, be it the now vacant X-Division belt, If the order need a man to capture more gold, look no further, I know how to have a good time, and I do enjoy sharing the good time with all my brothers. So lets have the Order come out here and welcome the newest addition, I accept your offer"

    Eduardo stands in the ring awaiting the Order's presence
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  2. The crowd slightly get their hopes up for The Order to make an appearance but as soon as this theme is heard, they have an almost silent reaction


    Al Poppin' comes out to the ring wearing a white headband, a poncho and his purple tights with a white stripe down the side. The crowd are perplexed by the individual, but being a post Mania Smark crowd, cut the guy some slack and give him a pop. Al raises his arm up on the stage and walks down to the ring, keeping his arm vertical, as some children in the ringside crowd mimic their dad's who raise their arm up for a few moments as Al passes them. Al gets into the ring with his arm up, which proved difficult as he stepped through the ropes and smirks at Eduardo as his theme dies down. Al with his other hand takes the mic from Eduardo with caution, and raises it up as he lowers his other arm down

    Al Poppin': Eduardo...I am not the burger and fries you ordered, why be apart of a happy meal when you and I can be apart of the killer combo that will clog the arteries of any and every opponent who dares to step into our establishment, we will be a team that will echo throughout the halls of the locker room. I mean look at us, we are just like Wolverine and Deadpool, your Logan, strong and silent, where as I am just awesome.

    Al earns a slight pop from the crowd as Eduardo stares at him silently.

    Al Poppin': You see! That is proof right there, a combination of the dark eduardo, with the colorful, larger than life man, Al Poppin' will create a hurricane of unmeasurable awesomeness. We will rock harder than Tenacious D, be more wonderful than the Wonder Twins, more weed than Cheech and Chong, although I don't partake, so brother...You can have my share. But if that isn't enough, then Eduardo, I will now introduce you to a secret move of mine.

    Al Poppin' without hesitation connects with an elbow drop to the mat, he gets back up and readjusts his poncho

    Al Poppin': That right there Eduardo, is the elbow drop of death, if that had been a human body Eduardo, well I don't need to tell you what happens when Matter meets Anti-Matter, they annihilate each other, but because of my level of awesomeness Eduardo, I don't get vaporized, I guarantee you in 3 months. July 7th, if we aren't tag team champions Eduardo by July 7th, then

    Al Poppin' gulps heavily as he begins to get up the courage to say his contingency and exhales heavily as he pauses and then almost immediately becomes highly energetic

    Al Poppin': Pffft...Like there is any chance we won't be tag team champions, And I have an amazing tag team name....we are....Dude's with 'Tude..Hit my music

    Al begins to jump around the ring as do some fans in the audience, as Al eggs them all to jump with him and then tries to get Eduardo to jump with him.
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  3. Eduardo stands there, staring at Al Poppin' as he jumps around the ring. He steps towards Al and snatches his mic from his hands.

    "Cut the music, cut the music"

    The music is shortly cut off and the smark crowd boo Eduardo and begin a party pooper chant

    "You think I will join some clown in a foolish promise to be tag team champion in 3 months? You promise me some narcotics, and I hate liars who don't give what they promise. Teaming with you would be a foolish decision, but free substances is a smart decision to act on. You want to team up Al...I cannot say I am not intrigued but look at and I are far different, we have no chemistry and as a team, that is a foundation of any tag team"
  4. Al Poppin': Pfft, fine we'll take a chemistry class, we can find an RV no problem Eduardo, our unbalance is our weapon, when people rant at you for being a sugar sniffer and blow some bubbles in their face. You dress in black, While I am in the technicolor era, you have body art, I am incapable of growing body hair, you love drugs, I love hugs, you have a sizeable bulge, I'm no bigger than a gummy bear....

    Al shrugs to the camera as the crowd give him a pop

    Al Poppin': And Eduardo...

    Al Poppin' holds his arm up bent as he holds his neck with his hand to show Eduardo his elbow

    Al Poppin': The Elbow drop of death, Now Eduardo let's jump

    Al Poppin' begins to jump around the ring again, as more fans join in with him, he tries to get Eduardo to jump along with him, but Eduardo doesn't move, Al then handstands over the ropes and outside where he continues to jump around as he makes his way up the ramp, a camera gets close enough to him to hear him say as he points to Eduardo and then himself "Dudes with Tude"
  5. lol, calling out The Order....
  6. They can be called "team exclamation point usernames"!
  7. I'm the trendsetter, Ric's a wannabe who cannot spell
  8. Trend setter? I would like to challenge you to a match.
  9. A Tag Team Match? Al Poppin wants to drop the Elbow of Death
  10. 1 vs 1, Have no partner, to busy jobbing the main event :dawg:
  11. Fuck Ed! Give Al a match
  12. Fine
  13. Alrighty, name the time and place
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    Uh..Right now?...right here

    @gav the chav make the match please.

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  16. I only backed out #1: I wanna face Ed #2: No Creative members are online #3: I need to make a promo on my match with Dat Kid.
  17. Face me? :notsure:accept or see Ric in action?
  18. Sorry bruh, i'm taking a break from the dark matches for a while, and i have plans for Extreme Rules (Partially) and Uprising afterwards. I won't have a dark match unless i really, really want it.
  19. Such a tease
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