Tag Team Title Match - IWT Payback

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Who is your winner?

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  1. Victoria & Danielson

  2. The Creators of Chaos

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    Two men who will stop at nothing to win the tag team championships have arrived in the tag team division and are looking to put an end to the reign of Victoria Parker as one half of the tag team champion. However, her latest partner has come back and taken on a new form. Danielson, the wood warrior is now fiercer than ever and is teamed up with Parker to take on their equally daunting opponents that go by the name "The Creators of Chaos". Which team will come out as the superior unit.​
    Tag Team Championship
    Victoria Parker (CrayJ Lee) & Danielson "The Woodwarrior" vs The Creators of Chaos (Adam568 & NanoRah14)

    Victoria Parker (CrayJ Lee) & Danielson "The Woodwarrior" vs The Creators of Chaos (Adam568 & NanoRah14)

    The following contest is a 2 promo battle match and is for the Tag Team Championship!-Both teams will have 2 promos each (per person) and 24 hours to submit them both
    -No pictures, videos, or live stream is allowed in the contest
    -At the end of the promo period an additional 24 hour will be used for voting polls.
    -The person with the most votes will be the winner.

    The match begins now! If you're ready to vote before the 24 hours is up for promoing, let me know
  2. (Bones by Young Guns plays: Cant embed it for some reason)​
    *2 spotlights highlight in the crowd as both men start walking through the crowd, They jump the barricade into ringside*​
    Hawk: Now before the ladies called the Tag Team Champions come down I have stuff to say! Tonight is the moment, That moment people will talk about for years, That moment in history that everyone remembers very well, The moment that etches itself in history as the moment a mans career starts and is defined as tonight you will see that moment for us both, That moment we make our careers as former rivals become the best of the teams. I have waited my career to laugh in the face of all of you here tonight and all of you watching at home because believe me I have read the dirtsheets and I have read the forums where you all claim I cant do it and Ill go nowhere and you people think my last 2 wins mean nothing well look at me now! Will winning the titles mean nothing too? No it wont! I am proving all you little faggots who hide behind their parents laptops and bitch about me and how I dont deserve what was handed to me but I tell you now I will show you all who I am and what I can do!​
  3. Why aren't pictures, videos or live streams allowed? As the champ I say they are.
  4. Trons are allowed
  5. It's all allowed, i'm champ.
  6. Okay
  7. I'm kidding. I'll do promo later
  8. Okay, Good luck :)
  9. NanoRah14 Danielson CrayJ Lee Im going off soon and wont be on much tomorrow and Jenn is gone tomorrow so can we do this soon please? :)
  10. can't do it until tonight.
  11. Its like 12PM for me and I have stuff to do tomorrow and im tired.
  12. Well that's not my fault. The rules are the next 24 hrs. So I'll have mine in by that time.
  13. Talk about it for years? We won't even be talking about that promo in the next 30 seconds. You sir, can laugh all you want, but when the WoodWarrior smacks you in that cocksucker you'll stop and think to yourself "Maybe that wasn't the best idea to provoke The Warrior" Please SOMEONE point me to the dirtsheet where even a sentence was wrtten about the "Young Guns" BTW did you get that name from some shitty 1970's porno, or the 1988 Emilo Estevez movie? Either way, it's pathetic.

    Little faggots? and hiding behind laptops, eh? I'm going to skin your head and feed it to the wolves. I don't care who you are, or what you can do. Your best bet is to just forward all further inquires to Jonathan or Britanica before you decide to PMS to the IWT universe again.
  14. Promo #2


    Usually this would be the time for you or your partner to respond, but i'd prefer to not even hear it. Listen everyone, these guys are walking around here with that sourpuss face like they were supposed to have things handed to them. That's not the way it works in the IWT. We've had epic promos and matches from, alkaline, dean seabsrose, senhor, victoria, dat kid, and many more. They've paid their dues and you're just a victim of circumstance. Those being that you are just not good enough to hack it here. You can tell me till your blue in the face, how you're going to beat us, and how you deserve this, and that. blah blah blah SHUT UP! The only way you get anything in life, is to strap on your boots, and rumble. Now do you want to stand here and talk? Or are you ready for me to whoop your asses. Lets get on with it.

  15. Promo #2:

    You sit here and talk about me PMSing while you sit crying because I offended you but thats the real world, People will hurt you and you will put you're tail between you're legs and walk away because they were the better man, You claim about paying you're dues? You were fast tracked to the titles after that bitch left Kid at the alter, You didnt earn it you were handed it, You never paid you're dues so you cant claim anything about me, I earned this match to show the whole world that I have arrived and I will destroy you, I dont care if you had a great match with those guys it doesnt matter! They arent as good as us so its not fair to compare them to us, We have arrived on the scene and all comers ran away, No one wanted to face us because everyone had seen the destruction we have had here, Did you seen what I did to Darth? I beat his ass to a bloody pulp and threw him off the stage and he is yet to wrestle again and who says I wont and cant do that to you? Im gonna destroy you and leave with you're titles and become the new tag team champions because no one can stop us, Not you, Not Victoria Not anyone! We are the dominate force in this company and as soon as we become champions a new era in IWT begins as all hell breaks loose. When we become tag team champions we will take over this place and create chaos for anyone who goes in our path because you're either with us or against us no other options and then I will win the European Championship and then win the world HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP AND TAKE OVER IWT!
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    *Victoria comes out to the ring with a mic in her hand

    Now, my tag team partner has illustrated a great point. You have lucked out on the circumstances before you. Considering that the #1 contenders match fell through, you were able to get your chance to challenge for the tag team title. However, I believe that you don't deserve it. Not too long ago, you and your partner were at each other's throats. You were bitter rivals at the low end of the midcard hoping someone out there would take notice of your "talents". Rest assured boys, I did take notice of you...but not in the way you'd expect. In fact, I've been finding the humor in your careers since they've began. Let me explain. Nano has made a habit of talking down about his ring talents, as well as crying in the ring when his friend Rodrigo decided to retire. At least as far as Nano is concerned, after you two are embarrassed in this match, Nano can run back to Rodrigo and do Rodrigo's bidding. After all, imbeciles do stick together.

    And now I come back to you. Oh Adam, I have some news for you that's going to be hard to hear. People are and will continue laughing at you. You are up against two tag team champions that have experience of winning. Before the WoodWarrior and I teamed up, I've successfully held this title with a different tag team partner. WoodWarrior has held the title with a prior tag team partner as well. We take incompetents like yourselves and feast on them on a daily basis. You and your partner don't intimate - in fact, you're only the product of running jokes in the IWT. Your newly formed tag team can't stand a chance against two veteran talents in the IWT with the hardware around their waists. There's nothing you could possibly do that we haven't seen before and defeated. We have retained this title once and we will retain it again.

    Wait a second, I think I hear something.

    *Victoria looks like she's really listening in before looking back at Adam and laughing

    Oh that was the midcard calling, they want their jobbers back. Thankfully the WoodWarrior and I are here to destroy your tag team dreams and will send you back to where you belong.

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    Promo #2

    You talk about pain, causing destruction, and creating chaos in the IWT. Using words like that against champions of our caliber is downright idiotic. Regardless of us being a tag team, we're just as impressive on our own. Do you have any idea who you're dealing with? In case you've forgotten, I played our IWT champion Dat Kid on our wedding day, stripped him of the tag team title, and knocked him out cold in the center of the ring. If I can do all that on my wedding day, just imagine what I can do against an opponent. My looks are deceiving but I'm as ruthless and determined as they come. I will stop at nothing to retain this title and be a part of the best tag team this company has ever seen. Face it Adam and Nano, everything I touch turns to gold and you simply can't compete with an intellectual prowess like me. With a great tag team partner like WoodWarrior, there's nothing I can't do.
  18. Just a side Note: Nano didn't even cut a promo.
  19. NanoRah14 has 3 hours 19 minutes from this post to reply with his 2 promos.
  20. Can I only do one? It'll include what I'd say in my two promos