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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. At The Slammys there will be a tag team tournament starting, consisting of 4 teams fighting each other building up to a title shot for the winners at IWTMania.

    If you'd be interested in being part of the tournament and you can find a partner, let me know here or PM. You'll obviously need to create a few threads to "build" the partnership so it doesn't come out of nowhere.

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  2. If anyone wants to team just quote this post, I have an idea.
  3. Good luck to everyone partaking in this, if you work well as a team, no doubt you'll become tag champs.
  4. Quoting, whats the idea?
  5. Me and Trip with our manager are in
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  6. I need a face partner :why:
  7. What about some nigga on latin action? :ksi:
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  8. :ksi: Sounds like a plan
  9. Farooq and Rodrigo are entering the tournament (And of course winnin it)
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  10. good to see some life in the division now gav and dazzle look forward to facing the winners also @Jonathan i think you may have to extend it to 8 co
  11. Got all the teams, I only needed one team. Rhod and Farooq are in.
  12. Oh how many you got coz i count 5 taz/adam arab/trips rhod/farooq dx/rko dk/flex
  13. I have 4. Only 3 of the ones you have and a 4th yet to be revealed.
  14. The Frie and DK James in the tag team tournament? HELL YAH!
  15. Need a partner? Quote this post if there's still time to submit one more tag team
  16. I have an idea, I'll PM you.
  17. Sorry guys, it closed off a couple entries ago.
  18. Im pretty sure Jono put me down as with Taz but I was looking for someone with more experience so Nano can replace him.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.