1. S

    Hell in a Cell Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar, Hell in a Cell 2015

    So, what's happening in this 3rd, and I assume final match? Who's taking the overall victory? Given that Brock was "screwed" out of the win last time, it would make sense for him to take this one. Really though, it could go either way. Actually, post below who you want to win, and who you think...
  2. Senhor Perfect

    NFL WWEF Fantasy League Season 4 - Discussion

    @Aids Johnson imagine if you had started Kelce and benched Blount. :silva:
  3. Dirtsheet

    Chris Jericho Teases Full-Time Return

    After taking an over one-year long hiatus from WWE, Chris Jericho returned to WWE in early 2012. However, he has not been a full-time member of WWE roster at any point since. His stints on WWE television have lasted everywhere from six months to one-off special appearances. But if fans are...
  4. S

    Money in the Bank Rate Money in the Bank 2015

    Pre Show: - R-Truth defeats King Barrett Main Card: - Sheamus wins the MITB briefcase after Bray Wyatt screws over Reigns. - Nikki Bella defeats Paige to retain the Diva's title. - Ryback wins via DQ after Miz interrupted, and retains the IC title. - John Cena defeats Kevin Owens to retain...