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  1. Aztecwarrior480

    Games If you were me, would you pre-order WWE 2K18, especially for Kurt Angle pre-order bonus or...

    just wait til it releases to hear if the game is any good or a major improvement over the previous WWE games? So far, the game looks like a huge improvement over previous games judging by how interactive the gameplay is slowly becoming with the falls count anywhere backstage free roaming. I...
  2. Aztecwarrior480

    Games Is WWE 2K17 worth the $26 that is currently on sale at my local video game store?

    Just wondering. The fact that 2K finally added a backstage brawl gameplay to 2K17 is what got me interested. Is it worth the money in your honest opinion?
  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you think the recent WWE 2K games are boring?

    I haven't tried WWE 2K17 but I have played 2K16 on my PS4 and so far, it feels extremely repetitive and boring compared to many other WWE games of the past(though not as bad as 2K15, where it had even less game content than 2K16). WWE 2K16 just doesn't feel interactive enough(gameplay-wise) with...
  4. The Reagmaster

    WWE 2K17 Features revealed

    2K have revealed major stuff about the latest game in the wwe franchise including no more 2K Showcase and highlight reel and playable backstage and crowd brawls are back! Here's the list with the full features: WWE 2K17 Features Revealed
  5. Aztecwarrior480

    What do you think of the most recent WWE video game, 2K16 so far?

    I just bought it today just to see how it is. I haven't bought a WWE game since Smackdown vs Raw 2007. So far, I thought this game is pretty disappointing in the gameplay factor because it's way too damn slow-paced, aiming for it to be as "realistic" as possible(Yup, soooo "realistic" that all...
  6. CM Punk

    WWE 2K15 First Official Gameplay Trailer

    Surprised we didn't make one yet. What do you peeps think?
  7. ShaRpY HaRdY

    WWE 2k15 possibly coming out for PC?

    According to this article nothing has been confirmed as far as if it will be released on PC or when will the actual release date be for the PC version. "The WWE 2K15 video game will reportedly have a worldwide release for the PC version. 2K has not confirmed the PC version or a release date yet...