1. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Rumor WWE Extending Luke Harpers Contract

    Ever since AEW became a thing that exists, it seems WWE have been on edge and is doing whatever it can to make sure superstars dont leave, with them only letting people go if they arent too important, however what they are doing to both Luke Harper and possibly Sasha Banks, is down right...
  2. Doxo

    All Elite Wrestling All Elite Wrestling

    I'm sure many of us has heard of The Elite. Mainly consisting of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, popular YouTube series "Being the Elite" brought names like Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, and Marty Scrull. After a tweet from Dave Meltzer, claiming no indie company could ever sell out a 10,000 seat...
  3. A

    COMPANY WARS: Tumbas/Jones/Muuuftah

    Hola. This is the hub for the 3 way BTB we are running in TEW13. We each drafted around 150 wrestlers from the 2014 PWI 500, threw in some divas, and backstage workers and we were solid. Jones is running Banter Wrestling Federation I am running Attunement Entertainment Wrestling and Muuuftah...