1. E.A. Roadster

    Kenny Omega (c) v. Christian Cage

    AEW title match. I think it's kinda obvious that Omega will retain especially following the AAA title retention, but I do think that these guys without the restriction of TV can have a great match. I just hope Christian works on his cardio, Omega ran his ass into the ground last time.
  2. D

    The Roast of Hulk Hogan

    Hey guys, I'm one of the hosts over at WrestleRoasts. Mike Lawrence, Robert Karpeles (the man behind WWEcreativeish), Scott Chaplin, Benji Afalo, and Brian Moses will be on our show next week taking a bulldoozer to Hulkamania. Here are some past jokes... - The Hardys are what happens when a...
  3. FlandyOrton

    Who will be the big singing at Revolution

    I just read this: And it really made me think it is Mark. Just sounds like he was pissed about the scooter thing on the same show Big Show was upset about. Also he wants to have some...
  4. Lady Deathbane

    Thoughts on the Upcoming AEW Game?

    Idk how to display videos on here, the [media] code doesn't work (^link to the game trailer) It definitely has a long way to go, but I'm pretty excited because of Yuke's developing it. Also, just having the option of intergender matches is really dope, I don't think WWE even has that option in...
  5. Geese

    News Matt Hardy could be AEW bound

    The article states, "according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Lords of Pain, he could be one of two superstars set to join All Elite Wrestling in the near future." And it notes, "a rumor has been floating around which states Hardy will be the mystery leader of AEW's Dark Order...
  6. white crow

    News Impact wants to do a show with WWE and AEW

    Impact staff invited the two promotions for Stars Back For One Night Only TNA Event. This could be an awesome show honestly. Still not so sure could WWE find this acceptable. AEW on the other hand, is ofricially okay with it. The Young Bucks accepted the suggestion on social media.
  7. white crow

    News Classy statement by WWE refering to AEW

    WWE staff congratulated the sucessful premiere of Khan's promotion with an official statement released after the first 1on1 Wednesday night war: It is always nice to see two rivals being respectful towards each other and hopefully this battle remains being fought in that manner...
  8. white crow

    News Fite TV charges 5$ a month for weekly AEW episodes

    This is kind of a slap to the face of international AEW fans. You get half a price of WWE Network only difference being that this is 0.001% size of WWE Network. You can also watch the episodes once they finish streaming live, on demand as they say. Other option is to pay 3$ for a single episode...
  9. white crow

    News UFC star Chris Cyborg discusses possible wrestling debut

    (end of the video) Sucessful MMA fighter talked about possible debut in WWE or AEW. She said that she’s a fan of both promotions and that fans stop her on the street asking if she will ever step in a wrestling ring. Cyborg explained that she’s currently focused on winning UFC world titles but...
  10. white crow

    News David Benoit could be joining AEW

    (end of the video) He has a stable friendship with Jericho because Y2J was a big friend of his father. Benoit attended Double or Nothing and said that he has major respect for what AEW is doing and would like to join them. Because of Jericho and few other people he is in good relations there...
  11. S


    WHEN United States: Saturday Evening, August 31st, at 8PM EST/6PM CST United Kingdom: Sunday Morning, September 1st, at 1AM WHERE Sears Centre - Chicago, IL PREVIEW See full match details on Watch the PPV on Bleacher Report Live or JOINING THE LIVE DISCUSSION...
  12. InsaneAlphaBeta

    UPDATED Fite TV says WWE isnt Trying To Buy Them

    FITE TV on twitter has responded to fans asking about WWE buying them or being in talks, Fite TV says that isnt the case, so AEW fans can breath a sigh of relief! However if you still want to read the original story, you can read ti below! The war between AEW and WWE continues to intensify as...
  13. InsaneAlphaBeta

    News AEW First TV Show Sells Out in 3 Hours

    AEW will have their first TV show live event in the capital one arena in DC on Wednesday October 2nd, it will be the beginning of their live weekly TV show, and just 3 hours after going on sale, tickets for their first TV live event has Sold Out. Ofcourse this should come as no surprise...
  14. InsaneAlphaBeta

    AEW: The Road TO ALL OUT Ep2

    The second episode of AEWs The Road to All Out is here! you can watch it below! i myself am about to watch it so i will edit this with my thoughts soon! until then, enjoy!
  15. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Seth Rollins comments on Jon Moxley and AEW

    In a recent WWE SummerSlam Conference Call, Seth Rollins had a few things to say about Jon Moxley and AEW Here is what he had to say in full below. "I was surprised by it for sure. I knew Ambrose needed some time away from WWE but the thing is, he just loves wrestling, he loves the industry...
  16. InsaneAlphaBeta

    AEW: The Road To ALL OUT: Ep1

    Today All Elite Wrestling have posted on their official youtube channel the first episode in their series The Road to ALL OUT, you can check it out below, the main part of this weeks episode is a sit down interview with good ol JR and Shawn Spears. Enjoy!
  17. The Sheik

    AEW Fight for the Fallen or NJPW G1?

    There's a couple big shows this weekend with AEW and NJPW. What shows are people looking forward to the most? I'm a casual viewer of NJPW and I don't know jack shit about the G1, but I plan on watching it as much as I can over the next month.
  18. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Lets Talk about AEWs Ticket Sales

    This topic was discussed a little bit in the Rate Fyter Fest Thread, but i wanted to expand on it here for a few reasons, there is room for discussion on the subject so i wanted to put a few things into perspective. First things first, why didnt AEW sell out Fyter Fest? The short answer is...
  19. S

    AEW Fyter Fest 2019 LIVE DISCUSSION

    WHEN United States: Saturday Evening, June 29th, at 8PM EST/6PM CST United Kingdom: Sunday Morning, June 30th, at 1AM WHERE Ocean Center - Daytona Beach, Florida PREVIEW See full match details on Watch the PPV free on Bleacher Report Live or JOINING THE LIVE...
  20. KShehzad

    Shawn Michaels Intense Training for AEW Debut + New Gimmick & Theme Song Revealed

    wwe Shawn Michaels was confirm for AEW in new gimic.