aj lee

  1. S

    Evolution Evolution Rumor Involving... AJ Lee? (All-Women PPV)

    There are rumors circulating online that the WWE are going after AJ Lee in order to get her to return for their Evolution all-female pay-per-view. Slice Wrestling has reported that Vince McMahon himself has reached out to the former women's champion. The rumor from Slice Wrestling speculates...
  2. Majour

    AJ Lee pregnant?

    http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/485827-latest-on-aj-lee-pregnancy-rumors So a source from inside WWE, who has previously provided exclusive news in the past is now claiming that AJ is pregnant. Now before anyone bitches at me- I'm aware this isn't a gossip column (I get all my wrestling tea on...
  3. brooke phillips

    cm punk with kelly kelly or aj lee

    do any one remember the time that Kelly Kelly had a crush on cm punk back in ecw. well what happen if aj lee had feud on Kelly to see be cm punk girlfriend. for me I want Kelly to win. but it might be a cool thing to see I think what you guys think about this.