alexa bliss

  1. The Sheik

    News Alexa Bliss 365 Airing Immediately Following Stomping Grounds

    Here's some Alexa Bliss news for all her fans out there..Little Miss Bliss herself gets her very own 365 special This will be the third 365, the first two being Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.. That's an elite class right there...
  2. Paulie G

    Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair who wins?

    Ronda vs Charlotte might be the apex of female wrestling after all Ronda is the X-Strikeforce champion and UFC champion with a reign of 1074 days. Charlotte Flair is a 6 time WWE champion including a 1 time NXT, 4 time RAW, the first Women's champion and a Smackdown champ. Who would win between...
  3. The Sheik

    Alexa Bliss Talks Not Getting Credit For Her Ring Work

    Alexa Bliss On Not Getting Credit For Her Ring Work, Ronda Rousey's Abilities - Makes sense, the only thing i've been critical of her is her selling ability, that she seems to have improved lately... She's a heel and wrestles like one.
  4. garyp

    Will Ronda Rousey ever get her Revenge on Alexa Bliss?

    So we all saw it Alexa stole Ronda's opportunity to become the women's RAW champ. Ronda made a dumb move attacking the refs and Kurt Angle and now she may of lost her chance at the Goddess because Nia is facing her at Extreme Rules. Regardless if Ronda were to get a title shot agains Alexa...
  5. S

    No Mercy Hot-potatoes!

    So if you didn't watch Raw last night, this would obviously be a spoiler so you may want to stop reading right about HERE. With that being said, we now have a bit of an issue that has happened before (and ironically enough it is involving one of the same women). Remember that feud between...
  6. I beat It

    Payback Decent Show

    Thank god they put Strowman over and the booking tonight was absolutely perfect. Bravo WWE
  7. I beat It

    Rumor Alexa Bliss Nude Leaks?

    Where the F are they? Anyone, Buller?
  8. S

    WrestleMania Possible WrestleMania Spoiler

    So apparently, WWE made a whoopsie and a few people caught it before they deleted it. *tisk tisk* -------------------------------------------- WWE teased Asuka challenging Alexa Bliss on social media when noting her appearance at the MSG house show yesterday, then deleted and changed its...
  9. S

    WrestleMania Eva Marie could win the belt?

    So there is a rumor of sorts going around that Eva Marie will be in the match of Alexa Bliss vs The WORLD at Wrestlemania 33 for the SmackDown Women's Championship. I don't think it has been set in stone she will actually be in the match but it made others speculate on scenarios where she...
  10. S

    TLC WWE TLC: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

    What's your thoughts? Who takes this? Becky Lynch is an underwhelming champion who gets little reaction, whereas Bliss is gaining popularity every week it seems. I got Alexa Bliss winning this clean.
  11. S

    Goldust & Ultimate Warrior Face Paint (Halloween)

    Alexa Bliss becomes Goldust & Bayley becomes Ultimate Warrior. I have a feeling this may be a new thing they do every year. At least for their online following/Youtube channel. Who's make-up do you think looks better?
  12. Wwe Entertainment

    Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss sign a contract for their Smack Down 20/09/16

    Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss sign a contract for their SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at No Mercy: photos