alicia fox

  1. WrestlingNewsSource

    News Alicia Fox Gets In HEATED Argument With Ronda Rousey's Husband

    There was a minor incident at the WWE hotel on Saturday night. The UK Sun has obtained cell phone footage of Alicia Fox getting in UFC fighter Travis Browne’s face at the Hyatt Regency Hotel lobby. Browne is the husband of Ronda Rousey. The Sun reports that Fox repeatedly swore at him and then...
  2. S

    TLC The Boss vs The Fuuuuax

    So this one is going to be on the Kick-Off Show which I am not surprised by. Kinda feels weird to be giving Alicia Fox somewhat of a push after all these years. Not sure why they didn't try with her sooner. Either way, this will likely be the first match of the night. Even though it is on the...
  3. CM Punk

    Question about Alicia Fox?

    I haven't really been following RAW for a while, but what has she done to earn a shot at the title? Isn't she on a losing streak? Bigger question is, didn't she quit after her first meltdown?