1. Swift

    Polar bears could become extinct faster than was feared

    Polar bears could be sliding towards extinction faster than previously feared, with the animals facing an increasing struggle to find enough food to survive as climate change steadily transforms their environment. New research has unearthed fresh insights into polar bear habits, revealing that...
  2. Swift

    Sea turtle population on Great Barrier Reef ‘turning female’

    Green sea turtles do not develop into males or females due to sex chromosomes, like humans and most other mammals do. Instead, the temperature outside a turtle egg influences the sex of the growing embryo. And this unusual biological quirk, scientists say, endangers their future in a warmer...
  3. Swift

    WATCH: Whale ‘Saves’ Diver From 15-Foot Long Tiger Shark

    A marine biologist in the South Pacific is thanking a massive humpback whale for shielding her from an oncoming shark. Amazingly, the diver was able to capture some of the underwater rescue on film. Nan Hauser and her team were snorkeling near the Cook Islands in October when she filmed the...
  4. Swift

    Humans Are Driving Animals To Extinction At A Shocking Rate

    Fossil and genetic evidence tell us that animals have been going extinct since long before the existence of modern humans – but how might extinction rates differ if humans suddenly ceased to exist? A recently updated calculation suggests the rate of die-offs would be lower. Much, much lower...
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