1. Swift

    BatteryGate: How Apple secretly slowed down older iPhones, and why it’s such a big deal

    Apple admitted Wednesday that it has been throttling the battery power of older iPhone models. The smartphone company claims the action is a measure to keep older devices functional. Opinions on the matter have been polarizing, but Apple has also stated the practice will continue. Social media...
  2. CM Punk

    iPhone 5s Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

    Which one is better and why? I've been Team Android for a while, but pretty tempted for iPhone because of the good processor.
  3. CM Punk

    News LeBron James makes $11M more from selling Beats to Apple than playing for the Heat

    According to ESPN, James signed a deal to get a small stake in the emerging company in 2008 in exchange for promoting the headphones. The sale to Apple was for $3 billion. In what is believed to be the biggest equity cash payout ever for a professional athlete, James made $11 million more from...