1. Jonny Nostradamus

    Project: Poetry

    Hey everyone. I'm going to be using this thread to post poetry from time to time. It's most likely always going to be of the spoken word variety. I have a very large passion for poetry and thanks to a close friend of mine, I've been inspired to write and share with the world. That includes...
  2. A

    Tumbas Art Works

    Some of you guys that have known me for a while may know that I used to make some shitty sigs. Well after a few more years of PS knowledge I recently got back into the game and have been making some cool stuff. So this is where I brag and show it for attention. Justice League & Suicide Squad...
  3. Swift

    Renaissance-Era Drawings Reveal Early Ideas About Evolution

    These are works by "the greatest French artist of all time," according to Louis XIV. Charles Le Brun (1619-1690) used his artistry to compare human and animal faces, later inspiring Charles Darwin to write The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Bear Boar S Camel Cat @Solid...