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  1. Jon

    Rumor Why WWE is still PG

    Now this is just my input on why they are still PG. So The only reason why WWE is PG is one for the kids to watch and two because there is not much competition and Vince doesn't think TNA/GFW is competition so if there was competition they will most likely turn the WWE into Attitude Era 2.0 and...
  2. A

    Favorite WWE Superstars from different eras

    I'm sure this question has been asked many different times but who are your 5 favorite wrestlers from the old school era, attitude era, current stars and women's division? Mine are: Old school era 5. Mr. Perfect 4. Ultimate Warrior 3. Rick Rude 2. Jake the Snake Roberts 1. Randy Savage...
  3. Joseph86

    6 WWE Characters Whose Face Was Never Revealed On WWE TV

    6 WWE Characters Whose Face Was Never Revealed On WWE TV
  4. Aztecwarrior480

    Is is an unpopular opinion to think the Attitude Era was slightly overrated and has the biggest...?

    bandwagon hopping fanbase? As someone who first started watching wrestling(WWE in particular) during the Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era, that's kinda how I feel about this era. Most of the people I know, at first never cared for wrestling until the Attitude Era came along. Then once the...
  5. The Phenom

    Attitude Era-Ruthless Aggression Era WWEF Superstars who should have been WWEF Champ at least once

    To me the Attitude-Era will be the greatest era of wrestling to come for awhile that being said I also enjoyed the ruthless aggression era but it doesn't compare.... I was born in 1989 Attitude era baby it just got me interested ......To all of the older fans I have a lot of knowledge of the...
  6. wrestlingtracks

    a week in wrestling rant

  7. Joseph86


  8. Joseph86

    Things That Existed During Attitude ERA & Ruthless Aggression Era

    Things That Existed During Attitude ERA & Ruthless Aggression Era 1. True Hardcore Wrestling 2. Longest Title Reigns 3. Sex Related Storylines 4. Bleeding 5. Real Life Screw jobs 6. Gay Jokes 7. Bra and Panties Matches 8. Austin/McMahon Type Rivalry 9. Wrestlers Descending from Rafters 10. Mick...
  9. WarMachine

    News Chris Warren Passes Away

    This is sad. He was someone that made some overlooked contributions to wrestling. DX were what the Attitude Era was all about and Chris Warren had a big role in that with his music. This guy's great voice made the music of the Attitude Era. DX, and god damn, I can't think of a better song to...
  10. Joseph86

    Unselfish WWE Wrestlers

    Guys, Who do you think are the most Unselfish WWE Wrestlers since the pre attitude era. I can think of Taker Anybody else
  11. Aztecwarrior480

    Who are your two most favorite WWE Midcarders of the Attitude Era?

    Mine are Al Snow and Dean Malenko.
  12. Aztecwarrior480

    Would you agree that the Attitude Era was a tad overrated when it comes to their...

    wrestling matches and even some of their story angles while the Ruthless Aggression was underrated because it's simply the era after the AE? I honestly felt like I'm the only one that feels this way. Don't get me wrong, I still think the Attitude Era is a great generation due to all of the...
  13. Aztecwarrior480

    Controversial question: Do you agree or disagree that the Attitude Era was actually a bit overrated?

    As exciting as a lot of the Attitude Era moments were along with the legends that they've produced(Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley, etc.), I kinda thought the Attitude Era was a bit overrated at a wrestling skill aspect. There were far more edgy segments than there were wrestling matches. Most...
  14. Aztecwarrior480

    Controversial Opinion: Chyna was grossly overrated as a pro wrestler, agree or disagree?

    If you think about it, Chyna really is overrated. If you take a good look at her wrestling matches, such as her triple threat match against The Undertaker & Triple H, her one-on-one match against Triple H and her one-on-one match against Mankind/Mick Foley, she looked very out of place, sloppy...
  15. S

    Stone Cold is Gold

    This is awesome. I miss these days, really fun to watch through again though. Sure @Dolph'sZiggler will appreciate an Austin promo.