1. Cam

    Baseball Favorite MLB Team?

    While baseball isn't the most popular sport these days, I'm sure we've got at least a few casual baseball fans around here. What is your favorite MLB team? My team is the Tampa Bay Rays. I became a big Rays fan back around 2007-2008 when they drafted David Price. He was a pitcher for Vandy and...
  2. Solid Snake

    Baseball MLB Offseason Thread [2017]

    OFF SEASON DISCUSSION THREAD MLB season will be back on March 29, 2018
  3. Swift

    Baseball Baseball Legend Tony Gwynn Dead At 54

    San Diego Padres legend Tony Gwynn died at age 54 on Monday. He had been undergoing treatment for cancer, and had been on medical leave from his job coaching San Diego State since April. Gwynn retired in 2001. He played for 20 seasons, compiling more than 3,000 hits and entering the Hall of...