1. Matthew Dennis

    TLC 5 things that need to happen at WWE TLC

    I am a blogger please check out my match predictions for tonights PPV WWE TLC Match card predictions
  2. Jon

    How would you book Bayleys Return

    So when Bayley does return I would have here come out to cut a promo with her hair down and the crowd might cheer its's like a 50/50 chance ,but if they cheer she should turn heel and say "Oh shut up all of you you all booed me last time and now you cheer for me what is wrong with you" ,but if...
  3. Solid Snake

    WrestleMania Sasha Banks could turn heel...

    I have said this since forever that she needs to be a heel. Her gimmick makes absolutely no sense being a face. I also said I would not enjoy her until I seen her as a heel, then I may give her the benefit of the doubt. Never been a fan otherwise. I think that this can actually bring back some...
  4. Solid Snake

    WrestleMania A Special Guest Referee Could Be Added...

    WWE Rumors: A Special Guest Referee Could Be Added To The RAW Woman’s Championship Triple Threat Match As we saw on WWE’s Raw on Monday night, Bayley is set to defend her Raw Woman’s Championship against Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks in a triple threat match. It is interesting to note that...
  5. Solid Snake

    Roadblock Potential Set-ups Happening

    Simular to my last thread, this talks about set ups that can happen during Roadblock. Now it is obvious that some of these won't happen, but I can see some of them being set up for sure. Braun Strowman vs. Big Show - A battle of giants Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - Bayley's time is now (*John Cena...
  6. Solid Snake

    Goldust & Ultimate Warrior Face Paint (Halloween)

    Alexa Bliss becomes Goldust & Bayley becomes Ultimate Warrior. I have a feeling this may be a new thing they do every year. At least for their online following/Youtube channel. Who's make-up do you think looks better?
  7. Krendall

    It's Bayley!

    I searched and I couldn't find a thread dedicated to this cutie.
  8. Dirtsheet

    News Clarification of Crowd “Incident” During Last Night’s WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn Special

    A less-than-accurate “recap” of a fan incident at last night’s WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn event has been posted online, and the following is clarification as to what actually happened. Following Bayley’s Womens Title victory, a couple of fans, who were seated a few rows in front of me, attempted...