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  1. Ryan Blade

    BTB Discussion Thread

    Use this thread to interact with your fellow bookers! Discuss your experiences with EWR/TEW, pitch some booking ideas, get and give feedback for your BTB and any other discussion about the Be The Booker section! To start up some conversation I'll ask this, which is better, Extreme Warefare...
  2. Crithu

    TNA: Resurgence

    Late last year, TNA decided to bring on a new executive. Crithu was hired in early November of last year as the Chief Branding Officer. When asked about his position, he stated, "Although I was given the title of Cheif Branding Officer, I wear many hats backstage. I am Dixie Carter's right hand...
  3. Ryan Blade

    Be The Booker Discussion Thread

    I thought that this section needed a Discussion thread so TA-DA!!! Here, you shall discuss your new BTB ideas, how to write a BTB, and any other questions of comments about the Be The Booker section.
  4. JONES

    WWF- Post Attitude Era 2002

    WWF- POST ATTITUDE ERA 2002 Backstory- The Invasion angle failed miserably, it's hard to argue any new stars were made except Rob Van Dam and a whole load of top stars saw their popularity slowly decrease as the angle went on including Steve Austin, DDP and Booker T. Following the flop of the...