1. Just Kevin

    Rumor How long before Steph turns on Mick?

    So how long will it be before it's revealed that Steph had knowledge of HHH's interference on RAW a couple weeks back and her and Mick have a feud.. a match between, possibly Seth and KO (rematch), with full control of RAW on the line? We all know it's coming. I'm guessing it'll be the night...
  2. Just Kevin

    SPOILER! The Shield - What now?

    So... with Seth Rollins' betrayal in the books what is next for the Shield? Do Reigns and Ambrose form a tag team? I think WWE is a little too high on Reigns for that to happen. Will they team up to take out Rollins? Is Ambrose the next Shield member to turn their back on Reigns? There are a...