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  1. MildlyUpsetGerbil

    News Big Show officially retires

    Big Show said he planned on retiring in February of 2018 last year. He wasn't pulling our leg. He's done. From the article: “No last matches, no fanfare, just ride off into the sunset and disappear," he told “That’s more my style. I’ll find something else to do that is...
  2. Solid Snake

    Big Show Not Happy With Creative

    So Big Show had a few things to say... He was on Jericho's talk show and was speaking out against WWE Creative. He was speaking about the longevity of booking. He has been around for sometime and has seen it go from being 4 months in advance booking to a week by week basis. He spoke a bit on...
  3. Solid Snake

    WrestleMania Big Show's New Opponent?

    "Meltzer" said he believes that it will ultimately be Hulk Hogan who appears as Big Show’s opponent for WrestleMania 33. “Well, Brooke said it, which is his daughter, who I think would know. Then [Hogan] blew it off, then they went back to her, and she just blew off the idea, like ‘your dad...
  4. S

    The Big Show is ripped!

    Just ran across this from his Facebook page. Seriously, if he can maintain this he should get one more run at the top. Part of sports entertainment is the physical spectacle. Big Show is going from a non-descript giant wrestler to someone who has the physique of a Brock...
  5. Solid Snake

    "Where you at, Shaq?"

    Big Show calls out Shaq during one of his workouts. Not sure if anyone cares but I thought it was funny.
  6. Solid Snake

    Roadblock Potential Set-ups Happening

    Simular to my last thread, this talks about set ups that can happen during Roadblock. Now it is obvious that some of these won't happen, but I can see some of them being set up for sure. Braun Strowman vs. Big Show - A battle of giants Sasha Banks vs. Bayley - Bayley's time is now (*John Cena...
  7. Dirtsheet

    News Big Show On Wrestling For 20 Years, Reaction To The 'Please Retire' Chants, Heel And Face Turns

    Big Show recently spoke with The UK's Mirror to promote WWE Studios' Vendetta being released this week. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights: It's 20 years since the beginning of your in-ring career in WCW. In your first match at Halloween Havoc you captured the WCW World...