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  1. P

    Elias & Bobby Roode sings Sweet Child O' Mine - WWE Live Turin 2018

    Just PUSH THIS GUY! I love him so much, he speak italian during this Live Event. Obviously "All has ended well." (with a Glorious DDT)
  2. bullyballmm

    Royal Rumble Bobby Roode US Open Challenge

    Who do we think will/should challenge Roode on the preshow for the title? I want it to be a cocky Miz (might as well take advantage of the fact that it is a cross-brand PPV), but it would probably just be Ziggler (ugh). Gib thoughts please
  3. Matthew Dennis

    News Glorious Faction

    If WWE decided they wanted to create a faction with Bobby Roode being the head guy who should they pair him with?
  4. 20X20

    ...And so Roode is the latest victim.

    JUST LIKE SO MANY BEFORE HIM (Nakamura being the most recent example), the GLORIOUS ONE is a victim ALREADY of booking that has just ROBBED THE WIND FROM HIS SAILS! STOPPED HIS MOMENTUM! No longer is he the big deal that he was just a month and a half ago, when he was having badass matches...
  5. Gormon Wrestling

    Bobby Roode vs Rick Rude Fantasy Match

    Who do you think would win in this... yes, I'll say it... glorious fantasy match?
  6. S

    SPOILER! Rate NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

  7. S

    Impact Best TNA Moments

    Let's remember the glory days of TNA, where live discussions were plentiful and it was the general consensus that TNA > WWE. Here's some: James Storm vs Bobby Roode @ Bound For Glory 2012 The entirety of Austin Aries' X-Division run This heel turn, and subsequent title run Anything...