bray wyatt

  1. CM Punk

    Who Actually Wants To See Bray Wyatt Vs. The Undertaker?

    I think I read Lockard's post in which he stated that it'd be stupid to have The Undertaker lose two Wrestlemania's back to back. (Something along those lines) And with rumors flowing that Bray Wyatt might face the Undertaker, does anyone actually want to see it? First off let me say, they have...
  2. WWESpongefan

    My First WWE Story (Who Should I Trust?)

    I had a topic in the questions area as to where I can share my story ideas. I was mainly told the Be The Booker Section. So far I have two WWE stories, one that is completed and one that I'm currently working on. I could send a link for, but I just thought I'd copy and paste to...
  3. CM Punk

    The Wyatt's Entrance