1. Swift

    News Olympics 2016 rowers to face feces-filled Rio waters

    Olympians face the prospect of sailing and swimming through sewage infested waters at the Rio 2016 Games that will get underway next month. The controversy first reared its ugly head last summer, when a report revealed that raw sewage flows directly into major bodies of water near the venues...
  2. Swift

    Spanish World Cup team plane struck by lightning on way back from Brazil

    The plane carrying the Spanish national football team home from the World Cup in Brazil was struck by lightning on Tuesday as it approached its landing in Madrid, adding to the streak of bad luck the team seemed to be on after its World Cup defeat. The team’s flight - Iberia 2907 – was hit as...
  3. Stopspot

    Fifa World Cup 2014 - Deutschland über alles

    WWEforums Fifa world cup 2014 discussion thread Ladies and gentlemen, behold: the world cup discussion thread! (Was a bit surprised we didn't have one yet so I whipped one out). Use this thread to discuss one of the best sporting events in the world. The world cup of football. Discuss the...