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  1. S

    Daniel Bryan has been battling depression for years

    The third episode of WWE reality series Total Bellas focused on Daniel Bryan's struggle to adapt to life after wrestling following his forced early retirement due to head injuries - and while Bryan has been open about how painful it is to not be able to wrestle, his wife Brie Bella revealed that...
  2. Legit Boss

    Brie Mode : Looking Back at Brie Bella's Career

    My latest piece for As Brie Bella is planning a life away from the squared circle with her husband Daniel Bryan, why not look back at highlights in her career and celebrate her contributions to WWE. She looks like she is planning to step away when she told ; “I wouldn’t...
  3. Neptune

    WrestleMania 7 Wrestlers Expected To Leave WWE After WM32

    7. Brie Bella 6. Wade Barrett 5. Mark Henry 4. Chris Jericho 3. Shane McMahon 2. Sting 1. The Undertaker Reasons I can see Brie leaving right away, specially if Nikki is done but Daniel Bryan has a few scheduled events happening into April so I expect her to be gone in May. Wade has already...
  4. Messiah

    Nikki Bella = Best Female Wrestler in the World.. According to PWI

    No surprise here.. She did dominate most of the year and has shown so much improvement this year... Some people might not like it, but the fact is, she deserves it more than anyone.