brock lesnar return

  1. garyp

    Brock Lesnar Attacks Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 but who wins?

    Brock Lensar ran into the Octagon at UFC 226 and pushed DC the Olympian on his best day of his career. He also called out Stipe, Predator & Beast by calling them names. But can Brock Beat DC? Or has it been too long? Who wins Brock or Cormier?
  2. Paulie G

    MMA Brock Lesnar vs Stipe Miocic

    If Stipe beats DC this weekend it might make a fight with Brock. Can Brock Lesnar beat Stipe? Can Brock become the UFC champion again? Yes or No?
  3. J

    Best Brock Lesnar Match Since 2012 Return?

    I came across this podcast where the hosts discuss what are some of the better matches Brock Lesnar has had since he came back from UFC, and I thought it was an interesting question. Thoughts? Podcast Link below, it's worth listening to
  4. afulwani488

    News Know More About Brock Lesnar Next Feud! Must Watch!!

    Here is Video That I Found On YouTube That Tell About Brock Lesnar Next Feud!!