1. FlandyOrton

    Who will face Roman Reigns at WM37

    Who will it end up being?? -The Rock: I don't see it. No crowd. Vince said it's too early for Rock vs Roman. They'll want to save him for WM in Hollywood. -Drew Mcintyre: Great match but I would think Vince would want to separate the 2, for 2 big matches, especially with no Taker. -Big E: I...
  2. B

    Land of Giants? No

    Why do people think that Vince pushes larger athletes? Given the list of Champions, that's simply NOT true. Podcast explanation of how the vast majority of title winners have not been Bigger performers. Not even by half
  3. ¡Tranquilo!

    Championship situation?

    Going into Battleground majority of the belts are on RAW ( Tag, Womens, US) leaving Smackdown with the IC and WWE championships, arguably the two more important belts, but that could change Sunday. We could see a few things happen and I'm willing to bet the mid-card titles switch shows as well...
  4. S

    Do you want Kane to be WWE Champion?

    I feel like Kane is very hit and miss with people, so the question is simple. Do you want Kane to have a WWE WHC run? Vote on the poll and leave a comment with reasons if you like. I vote yes. Kane is my all time favorite and though he may not be as strong or scary has early 2000s Kane, I still...

    Ring of Honor Next ROH champ?

    I would love to see Ciampa or Fish(most likely still going to be in the tag division next year) Both guys are great and the ring and good on the mic with Ciampa improving a lot. Maybe Cole might get a rare 2nd title reign but I hope not.