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  1. E.A. Roadster

    AEW Dynamite - Live Discussion - 8/25/21

    It's going to be airing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. CM Punk's first appearance on Dynamite.
  2. E.A. Roadster

    CM Punk v. Darby Allin

    I think this match will fall below expectations, but it's Chicago and CM Punk so it's going to be crazy regardless.
  3. S

    Tracy Smothers - A Career Retrospective

    TRACY SMOTHERS - A CAREER RETROSPECTIVE Early career (1984) After growing up a fan of Memphis wrestling, Tracy Smothers was trained by Steve Keirn and Stan Lane and made his debut in 1982. He later made an appearance at the combined promotional effort Pro Wrestling USA, making his debut at a...
  4. white crow

    Wrestler Rating Series #1 - CM Punk

    Let me know would you like to see threads like this from time to time in this section. I want to see some smarks’ opinions on certain wrestlers - current, legends and alumni. If you find this boring or plagiarizing towards some other member’s idea tell me in a post and I’ll stop. Basically how...
  5. KShehzad

    SPOILER! Cody Rhodes Comments on CM Punk Speculation Heading Into AEW's All Out

    All Elite Wrestling announced during the Double or Nothing event back in late May that the company would be returning to the Sears Centre outside of Chicago, Illinois on August 31st for the official sequel to last year's sold-out All In event, All Out. Because of the show's location, certain...
  6. WholeFN'Moe

    News Would Punk still get a pop if he returned?

    I was sitting here arguing with a buddy & he said if Punk returned tomorrow he would get an "even bigger" pop than he would've received before the fight. I'm not so sure about that... I mean, I won't deny it, if he would have been #30 at the Rumble LAST YEAR, with Roman being the guy in the...
  7. WrestlingNewsSource

    MMA CM Punk Favored Over Floyd Mayweather In MMA Fight?

    Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is listed as the favorite over Floyd Mayweather if the two were to ever compete in an MMA bout. They’re both inexperienced in MMA, with Punk having just one UFC fight on his resume to Mayweather’s zero, but “Money” is the best at boxing. The UFC already had a “normal”...
  8. J

    Best Brock Lesnar Match Since 2012 Return?

    I came across this podcast where the hosts discuss what are some of the better matches Brock Lesnar has had since he came back from UFC, and I thought it was an interesting question. Thoughts? Podcast Link below, it's worth listening to
  9. S

    Rumor CM Punk Return Confirmed?

    Hulu are advertising WWE SmackDown with CM Punk. This doesn't happen by mistake. The poster may well have been put up by mistake, but it was certainly designed in-house by WWE. They usually are. Thoughts?
  10. Fair Fight Wrestling

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy Classic Match Review

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy #WWE The Bash 2009 - Be Kind, Rewind Classic Match Review
  11. S

    SPOILER! Stephanie Burns Chicago Crowd

    So for those of you who watched Raw, you seen it happen live. I guess this is something that everyone has done, like the run-on jokes for making Punk look like a coward though him stepping in the octagon is a heck of a lot more than most of the people who tease him can say they would ever do...
  12. Shayon

    WrestleMania What's your dream match for wrestlemania, and how would you book it?

    Everyone has dream matches for the grand daddy of pro wrestling, and we all relish such matches in the video games WWE produces. But, what if your dream match comes true at wrestlemania? What's your choice of a dream match for the showcase of the immortals? And also don't forget to tell, how...
  13. Shayon

    What must be the ingredients of a five-star match?

    I've been checking on all the 5 star matches of the past decade, and i've found out, to my utter surprise, that according to the great Dave Meltzer, WWE in it's full illustrious history, has had only 5 five star matches! More surprisingly, only one in the last 16 years! Even, HBK vs Taker at WM...
  14. akshay

    News CM Punk UFC Career Probably Over!

    CM Punk UFC Career Probably Over! It is Confirmed By Dana White Also. Here What He Said.
  15. S

    Y2J's Take on Punk Returning

    “I don’t really know if [Punk will return to WWE] because [he’s] a real complex individual. It would be a big deal for him to come back to WWE. If anything, I could see him putting on a mask, and coming back at Ring of Honor or something like that. He’ll do something different, where no one even...
  16. ¡Tranquilo!

    Who will beat Punks reign?

    Because you know WWE wants to probably erase all traces of him. My guess is one of the shield guys, Seth Rollins preferably. Or you know, they could keep that title on Styles for 16 months...a man can dream...who y'all think is going to beat Punks reign?
  17. Joseph86

    Top 12 WWE Dream Matches That Happened Only Once

    Top 12 WWE Dream Matches That Happened Only Once
  18. S

    The Evolution of Punk (Anyone watch this?)

    So I didn't know this was a show... I find it kinda funny that he has a UFC show but is yet to actually have a match. :pity:
  19. Legit Boss

    The “True” Wrestling Fans: Cause for Divide in the Pursuit of Validation

    this is an amazing article by Zak Fellows of about real wrestling fans and how they affect wrestling, also discusses Eva Marie's skills. The “True” Wrestling Fans: Cause for Divide in the Pursuit of Validation Naturally, it is in our human nature to have differing mind sets and...
  20. cursedcelt

    Ring of Honor 10 Best ROH World Champions Of All Time (Reaction)

    10 Best ROH World Champions Of All Time (Reaction) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!!