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    WWE Hall of Famer Booker T noted on his radio show on Saturday that his comments about wanting to fight Corey Graves got blown out of proportion with major publications. Booker T mentioned that he was actually happy to be moving to the pre-shows. Graves noted that they weren’t try to accomplish...
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    New Day Took A Jab At Corey Graves About The Corey Graves/Booker T Situation Says Former Announcer

    Throughout the Feb. 6 episode of SmackDown LIVE, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E answered fan tweets which were submitted with the hashtag #AskNewDay. Other than reminding us once again (like last year’s WrestleMania hosting duties) that The Power of Positivity are extremely marketable...
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    Blood Feud Between Booker T and Corey Graves Looks Real Says Former WWE Announcer

    As the feud between WWE Hall-of-Famer and former Monday Night Raw announcer Booker T and current Raw announcer and tattoo guy Corey Graves heats up, former WWE announcer and former ECW wrestler Taz has chimed in to say that he believes the beef is real. Booker T set the feud in motion last week...
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    Booker T Upset Over Corey Graves Replacing Him

    On the latest episode of Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” podcast, Booker talked about being replaced by Corey Graves. Booker said that Graves is good at what he does. He said that Graves’ vernacular is a little bit different from his and they would throw jabs at each other on the air. “If I...
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    Piers Morgan gets rekt by Corey Graves

    This one tickled me. So, Corey Graves said on Raw "Enzo (Amore) might be the only guy less liked in England than Piers Morgan". This is false btw, we definitely dislike Piers more. Anyway, here is the response by Piers, and the response by Graves, :dawg::dawg::dawg: Take that Piers you...
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    Who is the BEST Commentator?

    ...On WWE Raw or SmackDown right now. This is a tougher than choosing a worst IMO. My vote... Tom Phillips! Previously, I would have said Ranallo, but his voice and "mamma mia!" is getting increasingly annoying.
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    Who is the WORST Commentator?

    ...On WWE Raw or SmackDown right now. Curious to see your thoughts. My vote... David Otunga :otunga:
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    Culture Shock: With Corey Graves

    WWE recently announced they have several upcoming projects being added to their original content library for the WWE Network.. One of the shows they announced was titled 'Culture Shock', the host will be Corey Graves. Here is a little information on the show to give a little detail about what...
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    WWE 2K15 Entrances Week 2

    Check out these three entrance videos from WWE 2K15 (PS4 and Xbox One) featuring Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and Corey Graves! WWE 2K15 launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18th. Get ready to FEEL IT!