dave meltzer

  1. Geese

    News Booker T doesn't respect Dave Meltzer

    Booker T doesn't respect Dave Meltzer's opinion and says most of the boys in the locker room don't value his reports, either. Booker said, "Especially when 90 percent of them aren't accurate, I would say 99.999 percent of them that were written about me weren't accurate." Booker never "sat down"...
  2. Geese

    News WWE tried to buy NOAH

    WWE tried to buy Japanese NOAH. According to Dave Meltzer, "WWE attempted to buy NOAH and use it as a platform to launch NXT Japan, another branch of the growing NXT brand. However the deal couldn't get done, and while it doesn't kill WWE's hopes of launching a Japan-based promotion it does put...
  3. white crow

    News Dave Meltzer: "Roderick Strong has a huge dick"

    Dave told a PWG story in which the crowd chants to Roderick "shitty little dick", to which Roddy's wife responds that they are in fact "dead wrong". I will never ever doubt this man's journalism again. This must be the scoop of the year
  4. Shayon

    NJPW Does Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega really deserve a six star rating?

    On January 4 this year, at the Super Bowl of NJPW, Wrestle Kingdom 11, the world saw Kazuchika Okada go on to defend his IWJP title against one of my all time favorites, Kenny Omega, for the first time ever. And after 47 minutes of one of the most intense matches I've ever seen, Okada retained...
  5. Shayon

    What must be the ingredients of a five-star match?

    I've been checking on all the 5 star matches of the past decade, and i've found out, to my utter surprise, that according to the great Dave Meltzer, WWE in it's full illustrious history, has had only 5 five star matches! More surprisingly, only one in the last 16 years! Even, HBK vs Taker at WM...
  6. CM Punk

    Vince, WTF Man? Stop writing Roman Reigns promos

    @2:20 - We noted earlier this week that there's a feeling within WWE that the scripted promos for Roman Reigns have put him in "quicksand" and aren't helping him at all. After comparing himself to Superman on RAW, Reigns delivered another cartoon-inspired promo on SmackDown while speaking...