dixie carter

  1. SmackChat-Luke

    Rumor SmackChat: The problem with... WWE buying out TNA

    The Problem With… WWE buying out TNA Source: Wrestlingnews.co I’m going to call it. WWE are going to buy out TNA from Dixie Carter by the end of today (I’m writing this at half past eight GMT). I have a feeling in my balls; not excitement (lord knows that would make a change) but fear. Fear...
  2. ¡Tranquilo!

    Impact Dixie Carter out of power?

  3. C.M. Shaddix

    If this happened in 2010...

    Taimapedia gave me complete history on TNA's fuck ups, which they got a lot, one of them was THIS: Fuck! Think about it for a minute, if Dixie wasn't McMahon 2.0 and actually decided to bring in Heyman and go through with his plan, how would that affect TNA? In my opinion that would really put...
  4. GrammarNazi82

    TNA declares Aug. 7 "Put Your Boss Through a Table Day"