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  1. S

    How will Dolph Ziggler's return pan out?

    Dolph is 37. It is safe to assume he doesn't have much left in him for wrestling. The evidence is not down to his body or his skill, but his own personal desires. I think he intends to retire when he hits 40. Is there still hope for him to have a great run? It would seem that he is trying to...
  2. Jon

    Can you think of HORRIBLE WWE Gimmicks

    So one gimmick that would be horrible would be someone going out into the ring and steal someonesn gimmick (Not Dolph Ziggler) like if it is SOMEONE Vs AJ Styles then USER would come out with his entrance use his moves and moveset and basically be like them kinda like Ditto from Pokemon
  3. S

    TLC WWE TLC: The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

    Who's winning this one? Gotta be The Miz retaining here, such a great heel with Maryse and he's just won the belt back. It wouldn't make sense to juggle the belt yet again...
  4. S

    No Mercy Dolph to lose at No Mercy

    This is yet again ANOTHER Dolph Ziggler rumor. Mind you all, it is JUST a RUMOR. "According to Cageside Seats' rumour page, Ziggler could lose once again at No Mercy, which would result in him leaving WWE. However, they have claimed that he could take time off before returning with a new...
  5. Joseph86

    15 Active Wrestlers Who Lost Their Push in WWE

    15 Active Wrestlers Who Lost Their Push in WWE
  6. Neptune

    WrestleMania Miz Beating Ziggy Means Something For WM?

    So I was reading and something interesting caught my eye. A few different places are saying something big is in the works for Miz on Wrestlemania and him beating Ziggler was part of that? Now, I can't imagine anything... Like literally nothing big coming from a win over Ziggler. The dude is...
  7. ShaRpY HaRdY

    Ric Flair possibly Mentoring Miz?

    Some rumors have come out over probably the last few days about Ric Flair returning to mentor the Miz, this would make way more sense than an Evolution thing seeing as he swore his allegiance to the Shield. I was just curious on how people think this will play out in the long run...