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    A skull-shaped asteroid will approach Earth again in 2018

    On Oct. 10, 2015, astronomers in Hawaii made a spooky discovery: a giant asteroid between 625 and 700 meters zipping through space, that at certain angles looks uncannily like a human skull. A few weeks later, on the night of Halloween, the skull-shaped asteroid flew by Earth at its closest...
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    Global temperatures hit record high for 8th month in a row

    Last month was the hottest May on file making it the eighth consecutive month to smash world temperature records. The global temperature for May was 1.67 °F (0.93 °C) warmer than the May base period (from 1951 to 1980), according to data compiled by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies...
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    ''EARTH is FLAT! 100% PROOF!'' (silly vid)

    @Aids Johnson @Neptune
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    News 88% of world’s oceans covered by plastic junk – study

    At least 88 percent of the surface of the world’s open oceans is polluted by plastic debris, says a new scientific report. The findings raise large concerns of the safety of marine life and how this ocean litter may affect food chains. "Those little pieces of plastic, known as microplastics...