1. WrestleRacer91

    What Would You Like To See Most?

    I posted this poll on my status earlier but was told I could ask it here. So, what "be the booker" (BTB) would like to see and read and react to the most?
  2. wrestlingtracks

    News Big Vito Interview

  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you think Bobby Lashley would have gotten a better push than he really had if he were a...

    Paul Heyman guy? I remember watching multiple Paul Heymant shoot interviews regarding the December to Dismember ECW event in 2006, where Heyman originally booked CM Punk to eliminate the Big Show by submission and then win the Elimination Chamber match to become the new ECW World Champion until...
  4. wrestlingtracks

    News Pro wrestling world news

  5. Aztecwarrior480

    Have any of you ever thought that Nicole Bass looked like a love child of...

    Andre the Giant and Arnold Schwarzenegger, lol? Not to disrespect the dead or anything since she just died from a stroke 2 months ago, I used to think she looked like a love child of Andre the Giant and Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was a kid during the Attitude Era, lol. For those who don't...
  6. W

    Xbox New WWE 2k17 Universe Mode Series

    Tired of the same predictable programming each week from WWE? Pissed off because the superstars who deserve to be pushed never get one? Tired of Roman Reigns? Well we have the videos for you! Come check out our new WWE Universe Mode Story collection for fresh content, interesting storylines, and...
  7. The Phenom

    What is your Dream Match?

    Hulk Hogan vs John Cena. Hulkamania vs Cenation. The Undertaker vs Sting. The Phenom vs The Icon. Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels. The Show-Off vs The Showstopper. We always dream about the WWE matches that never came to be. We spend our free time thinking about matches that could never happen...
  8. Joseph86

    Top 12 WWE Dream Matches That Happened Only Once

    Top 12 WWE Dream Matches That Happened Only Once
  9. Joseph86

    TOP 7 Superstars Who Won Gold In ECW , WWE and WCW

    TOP 7 Superstars Who Won Gold In ECW , WWE and WCW
  10. Joseph86

    An Anus exploding death match, Seriously!!!!!!!

    Guys, came across a gross wrestling match type - An Anus exploding death match!!!!!
  11. Joseph86

    WWE's Most Underated Wrestlers

    WWE's Most Underated Wrestlers
  12. Joseph86

    BRIAN LEE ( IMPOSTER UNDERTAKER ) and Taker are cousins?

    Guys, BRIAN LEE ( IMPOSTER UNDERTAKER ) and Taker are cousins?
  13. Joseph86

    Anybody heard of Abdullah the Butcher and The McGuire Twins

    Is Abdullah guy similar to New jack ?
  14. TheBrownienator

    ECW 2001

    What would've happened if ECW had won the Monday Night War? Well you can find out by tuning into ECW 2001 every week to see the most EXTREME wrestlers battle it out for titles and glory. Roster: Tommy Dreamer The Sandman Bubba Ray Dudley D-Von Dudley Eddie Guerrero Rey Mysterio Jr. Dean...