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  1. Crithu

    News Enzo Amore Fired

    Enzo Amore has been suspended due to a recent rape accusation. WWE Statement: "WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended." You can read the story as well as the women's tweet...
  2. Jon

    News Enzo Amore Fired

    On WWE.com Enzo Amore has been released by WWE Enzo Amore released {IF YOU POSTED THIS FIRST MY BAD ITS HAPPENED TOO MANY TIMES TBH}
  3. S

    Survivor Series That loud guy vs. Kalisto...

    This is the 7th match added to the card I see, and I am no surprised by it. I am really hoping that Kalisto takes the belt off Loud Mouth Bass but it likely won't happen. I feel like the cruiser-weight division as a whole has just went severely down hill since Neville left. They also wasted...
  4. Jon

    Who has Heat WWE Backstage heat?

    One of the most talked about ones if Enzo Amore for bragging about money and bringing questionable guests backstage, But intead of Firing or demoting him to NXT since he sells a lot of merchandise he is going into the shark cage since he is scared of heights as punishment. Also Mike Kanellis...
  5. wrestlingtracks

    News Raw Podcast review 6/19

  6. akshay

    News Enzo And Cass Getting A Huge Push!

    One of The Best WWE Tag Team Enzo And Cass Getting A Huge Push! See This For More Information!
  7. C.M. Shaddix

    Should WWE look at Roadblock as a test?

    Alright Roadblock seems like a filler special before Wresltemania... but should it be looked at more than that? This should be looked at by WWE officials as "final test" to see what needs to be changed to make Wrestlemania a great event. Because there is of course some things that have to be...