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  1. D


    I came across this kid on youtube and hes fucking awesome. heres a link to a highlight video
  2. GrammarNazi82

    Evolve Baretta out, Galloway in for upcoming EVOLVE shows

    Latest reports state Trent Baretta is off upcoming shows because of an injury, and Drew Galloway, formerly known as Drew McIntyre in WWE, has been added to all upcoming EVOLVE events. This caused changes in the lineup for next weekend's shows, as noted below.
  3. Stopspot

    Evolve Rebuilding the Gabe promotions

    Most who follow the independents are aware of the two promotions run by ROH founder Gabe Sapolsky, Evolve and Dragon Gate USA....And both aren't doing well. Crippled by shoddy booking, bad crowds, bad venues and DGUSA's relationship with Dragon Gate Japan being seemingly dead in the water...