1. C

    Go back in time

    Who else can think back to the dawn of PPV and the birth of Hulkamania? If you told me, while HH was body slamming Andre in the Silverdome, that one day a skinny-fat, very broken English speaking Japanese worker, who channels Old Dirty Bastard (yes, from Wu Tang), would be the hottest name in...
  2. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you think a woman with the mic and booking skills of Paul Heyman would have helped..

    womens wrestling evolve more in the WWE? Like a female manager and writer with the mic and booking skills and a mindset, all not exactly AS skilled as Paul Heyman but at least in his class. I'm not exactly sure if this whole Divas/Women's Revolution is still currently a thing right now in WWE...
  3. E.A. Roadster

    News WWE Cruiserweight Classic

    Source Sounds amazing. It would be even better if it were for a contract, sort of deal. Have guys that are relatively unknown, over indie talents, major freelancers from Japan and Mexico and the star player. It will be a great way to introduce talents that are being pushed. I like the idea, but...
  4. Stopspot

    Evolve Free match: Galloway vs Strong From Evolve 35

    Thanks Gabe. Remember really liking this match back when it aired. Drew and Roddy just going ham on one another. Looking forward to the rematch.