1. WrestleRacer91

    Games Metro Exodus Discussion Thread

  2. RedDwarfTechy

    Kayfabe Owning up

    The camera scans the crowd that's cheering at the start of the show, the titantron and the screens showing off the Exodus logo before it all goes dark and the music hits. When the music picks up, Wolfman saunters out, his hoodie hiding his face as he walks to the middle of the stage, a mic in...
  3. B

    Kayfabe It all starts here.

    Music begins to play before the scene begins. The camera begins with an overview of a table, the camera slowly moves away from the table as if its being pulled up from the ceiling. The camera abruptly stops,and a hand, presumably the hand of Mondragon, places two pictures on the table. One...
  4. KingsPunch

    Kayfabe A Kings Path

    The camera pans in on a large open field, in the distance King Votan is seen sitting cross legged with his eyes closed, his voice is heard.. King Votan : My path has not ended yet... my throne is still waiting for me. Votan stands up. King Votan : All in due time. The camera fades out as...
  5. KingsPunch

    Kayfabe Memory

    The camera pans in on a large room, Votan is seen with his back facing to the camera working his strikes on a punching bag. As the camera gets closer, multiple punching bags are seen scattered across the floor all showing clear signs that Votan has worked them. He stops hitting the bag for a...
  6. KingsPunch

    Kayfabe We are not the same

    The camera begins in the same dark room, focused on the same ring. But this time, there's a large man standing under the spotlight in the middle, the man begins to speak.. King Votan : Just as the Tiger is the one of the fiercest animals on the planet, I am one of the fiercest wrestlers on the...