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    Extreme Rules WWE Extreme Rules 2018 LIVE DISCUSSION

    WHEN United States: Sunday Evening, July 15th, at 7pm EST/4pm CST on the WWE Network United Kingdom: Monday Morning, July 16th, at 12AM on the WWE Network WHERE PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PREVIEW See full match details on WWE.com JOINING THE LIVE DISCUSSION Use the chat...
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    Extreme Rules WWE Extreme Rules 2018 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    PRIZES Winner: $1500 forum cash Runner-up: $750 forum cash
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    Extreme Rules Extreme Rules 2018 PREDICTIONS

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    Extreme Rules WWE Extreme Rules 2017 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    PRIZES Winner: $1000 forum cash Runner-up: $500 forum cash
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    Extreme Rules Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions

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    Extreme Rules Neville vs Austin Aries

    Who's winning this? These guys have faced so often, surely now is the time Aries wins the belt. A submission match seems more beneficial to Aries as well. Thoughts?
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    Extreme Rules The Fatal 5-Way Match

    Is this just another win for Roman Reigns? I don't think so, not this time. What I'd like to see is 2 of them get a pin simultaneously, thus making the match vs Brock a triple threat. Joe vs Balor vs Lesnar sounds awesome to me. What do you think?
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    WWE Raw Review podcast 5/16/2017

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    Extreme Rules WWE Extreme Rules 2016 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    Click the Extreme Rules logo to play! Prizes: Winner - 1 month Legend upgrade, $1000 forum cash Runner up - $500 forum cash
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    Extreme Rules Only 2 more Raws & Smackdowns till ER

    So it is happening on May 22nd which means they were left with only 3 Raws and 3 Smackdowns total to do something so seeing the match card being VERY similar to Payback is no surprise. I don't get why they would do two PPV's in one month. Have they done this in the past? Are they trying to add...
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    Extreme Rules Charlotte vs. Natalya.. again?

    Charlotte will have to defend her WWE Women’s Championship against Natalya in a Submission Match. The two have faced each other recently and this time, Ric Flair will not be allowed to watch from ringside. Okay, now hear me out here... I don't mind them going at it again and doing a submission...
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    Extreme Rules What stipulation should Rollins/Orton have at ER?

    2 out of 3 falls would be nice. :tough: