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    Indian state imposes ‘fat tax’ on burgers, pizza, other fast food

    The Indian state of Kerala has introduced a tax on junk food in an attempt to tackle obesity and earn money, with the move expected to hit the customer base of international fast food chains like McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut. The Minister of Finance in Kerala’s newly-elected leftist...
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    Customer launches lawsuit over ‘deceptive’ McDonald’s mozzarella sticks

    One customer is having a meltdown over the exact ingredients included in McDonald’s “100 percent real” mozzarella sticks. The restaurant giant might be grilled in court over a class action lawsuit by a man who claims the breaded snacks are bogus. An online ad for the side dish entices customers...
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    Nearly One Third Of The World's Population Is Overweight

    America isn't the only country with a weight problem. The U.S. takes a lot of flak for being fat, buta study published last month in The Lancetshows that obesity is in fact a global problem. Not only is roughly one-third of the world's population either obese or overweight, it turns out that...