1. Aztecwarrior480

    What are your top 10 favorite years of the 2000s decade of WWE, all in order?

    My top 10 personal favorite years of the WWE during the 2000s? 1) 2003 2) 2002 3) 2001 4) 2000 5) 2004 6) 2005 7) 2006 8) 2008 9) 2007 10) 2009
  2. A

    Favorite WWE Superstars from different eras

    I'm sure this question has been asked many different times but who are your 5 favorite wrestlers from the old school era, attitude era, current stars and women's division? Mine are: Old school era 5. Mr. Perfect 4. Ultimate Warrior 3. Rick Rude 2. Jake the Snake Roberts 1. Randy Savage...
  3. Jeremiah

    Forum Game What's your favorite call?

    What's your favorite Wrestling Call? I think JR has some of my favorites, but, the one that just came to mind, and is inspiring the creation of this thread was, Jim Cornette when Golga's Cartman plush got ripped up, and he said, "He wasn't fat or big boned, he was stuffed!".
  4. S

    Wrestling Favorites

    This should be fun, just copy the following and fill it out :bischoff: Favorite Wrestler NOW: Roman Reigns Favorite Wrestler of all time: Kane (pre-2003) Favorite Wrestling Promotion: WWE Favorite Wrestling Show: Raw Favorite Non-Finishing Move: DDT Favorite Finishing Move: Tombstone Favorite...
  5. S

    What's your favorite part of WWEF?

    Where do you lurk most often on WWEF? This can be a section, or any page. I pretty much sit here all day -> http://wweforums.net/recent-activity/ #notaspy :bodallas: