1. Swift

    News Super Bowl celebrations turn violent: Cops arrest 12 & use pepper spray in Denver

    Police in Denver made 12 arrests and had to use pepper spray to disperse unruly football fans celebrating the Denver Bronco’s victory in the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Law enforcement officers cordoned off streets, while a police car was also damaged. After the game, which the Broncos won...
  2. ShaRpY HaRdY

    NFL NCAA Football Season 2014-2015

    Well I figured I'd start this up since it's only a short bit away, not sure how many of you are into college football but I'm pretty into it myself and figured I'd make a thread if anyone wants to discuss. The championship this year will be decided via winner of a 4-team playoff bracket which...
  3. Stopspot

    Fifa World Cup 2014 - Deutschland über alles

    WWEforums Fifa world cup 2014 discussion thread Ladies and gentlemen, behold: the world cup discussion thread! (Was a bit surprised we didn't have one yet so I whipped one out). Use this thread to discuss one of the best sporting events in the world. The world cup of football. Discuss the...
  4. NickAngel12

    Summer 2014 Transfer Window Discussion

    Hopefully this summer is just as interesting as this year's World Cup when it comes to the transfer window discussion. David Luiz is already going to France for 50 million, and to think that's the first significant move of the summer? Let's get it on!
  5. NickAngel12

    2014 UCL Finals

    Post your predictions about the upcoming UCL Finals Prediction, and I suppose we could react to the game if anyone is one? Hala Madrid, 3-1 RM!